16:00 - 18:00Conference Registration

(Atlantis The Palm Hotel)

17:00-17:45Press Conference

(Atlantis The Palm Hotel Silk ballroom C)

18:30- 21:00Welcome Dinner for VIPs

(Ossiano, Atlantis The Palm Hotel)


- Wu Jun, Managing Director, Secretariat, Boao Forum for Asia

Welcome Remarks

- Zhou Wenzhong, Secretary-General, Boao Forum for Asia

- Giselle Pettyfer, Vice Chairman, Falcon and Associates*

09:00-18:00Conference Registration

(Atlantis The Palm Hotel)

09:00 - 10:00Opening

(Atlantis Ballroom B, Atlantis The Palm Hotel)


- Zhou Wenzhong, Secretary-General, Boao Forum for Asia

Opening Remarks

- HE Reem Al Hashimy, UAE Minister of State*

Keynote Speech

- Zeng Peiyan, Vice-Chairman, Boao Forum for Asia; Former Vice Premier, China

10:00-10:15Tea Break
10:15-11:45Session 1 Role of Dubai in Cross-Regional Financial Cooperation in Asia Pacific Market: Current Status, Potentials, and Opportunities

(Atlantis Ballroom B, Atlantis The Palm Hotel)

- Development prospect and role of Dubai as an international financial centre

- Role of Islamic financial assets in cross-regional financial cooperation and investment in Asia

- Prospect for China-UAE Cooperation Fund and synergies with the Gulf Region Development Fund


- Florence Eid-Oakden, CEO and Chief Economist, Arabia Monitor


- Adnan Chilwan, CEO, Dubai Islamic Bank*

- Sanjeev Chadha, CEO of Asia, Middle East and Africa, PepsiCO*

- Murtaza Hashwani, CEO, Hashoo Group of Companies*

- Jia Kang, President, China Institute of Supply Economics; Research Fellow, Research Institute of Fiscal Science, Ministry of Finance of China

- HE Essa Kazim, Governor, Dubai International Financial Center*

- Liu Zhenmin, Vice Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs*

- Yang Shaojun, Finance Office Director, Ningxia Autonomous Region Government

10:15 - 11:45Session 2 Financial Cooperation in Infrastructure Connectivity in Asia

(Silk Ballroom A+B, Atlantis The Palm Hotel)

- Current status and prospects for increased infrastructure connectivity in Asia

- Role of the financial services industry in promoting cooperation in infrastructure development between East and West Asia

- Roadmap for achieving synergies through diversified cooperation: infrastructure investment and construction

- Prospects for the participation of the Gulf sovereign fund in securities, investment and analysis of financing models in Asia



- Abdullatif al-Zayani, Secretary-General, the Gulf Cooperation Council*

- Francisco de Paula Coelho, Director of the Lending Department for Asia and Latin America, European Investment Bank

- Hong Bo, Chairman, CITIC Construction*

- Hu Huaibang, Chairman, China Development Bank*

- Nazem Fawwaz Al Kudsi, CEO, Abu Dhabi Investment Company*

- MA Zehua, Chairman of the Board, China Ocean Shipping Group Company

- Shayne Nelson, CEO, Emirates NBD*

- Raghuram Rajan, Governor, Reserve Bank of India*

- V Shankar, Group Executive Director and CEO, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Americas, Standard Charted*

- AIIB Representative

12:00-14:00Luncheon Opportunities and Prospects of Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank

(Atlantis Ballroom A, Atlantis The Palm Hotel)


- Steve Howard, Secretary General, the Global Foundation


- Jin Liqun, Chairman, China International Capital Corporation; Head, Working Group for Establishment of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Ministry of Finance, PRC

14:00- 15:45Session 3 Win-Win Partnerships: Financial Services Cooperation with Energy Industry, Supply-side and Demand-side

(Atlantis Ballroom B, Atlantis The Palm Hotel)

- Trend in energy demand in East Asia and supply from the Gulf Region over the next five years

- Trend in USD exchange rates and basket-of-currency arrangements in the oil trade

- Can currency swap arrangements between demand-supply sides reduce the risk of fluctuations, both in currencies and energy markets?

- Opportunities and bottlenecks for currency-swap arrangements in the energy trade

- Government policy recommendations for both demand and supply sides


Panelists - Khalid Al-Falih, CEO, Saudi Aramco*

- Fu Chengyu, Chairman, Sinopec*

- Frank FX Gong, Managing Director, JPMorgan Securities (Asia Pacific) *

- Li Ruogu, President, Export-Import Bank of China*

- Wang Jianping, Chairman, China Energy Engineering Group*

- Wang Yilin, Chairman, China National Offshore Oil Corporation

- Yousef Omar Bin Yousef, CEO, Supreme Petroleum Council, Abu Dhabi National Oil Corporation*

- Ahmad Buti Al Muhairbi, Secretary General, Dubai Supreme Council of Energy*

- Zhang Guobao, Chairman, Advisory Committee of National Energy Committee

- Zhou Jiping, Chairman, China National Petroleum Corporation*


- Representative from Ministry of Commerce, China*

- China Minsheng Bank *

15:45- 16:00Coffee Break
16:00- 17:15Session 4 Economic Cooperation at Local Level between China and UAE

(Atlantis Ballroom B, Atlantis The Palm Hotel)

- What are the local comparative advantages of the two countries? What trade and investment opportunities are most urgently needed?

- Which industries have been prioritized for local economic development in the two countries? What are the development plans and prospects of these industries? What preferential policies and enabling conditions have been introduced to encourage foreign direct investment?

- How China and the UAE capitalize on each other comparative advantages and market opportunities? What government support is needed to facilitate entry into each other’s market? What channels can provide information regarding market opportunities in the two countries?


- Tian Wei, Anchor, CCTV


- HE Abdulla Al Saleh, Undersecretary of Trade and International Affairs, Ministry of Economy of UAE*

- Xia Baolong, Secretary, Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China

- Wang Heshan, Vice Governor, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

- Rulers/Governors from UAE

- CEO, Emirates Airlines

16:00- 17:15China and UAE Energy Roundtable(Invitation Only)

(Silk Ballroom A+B, Atlantis The Palm Hotel)

- oil development and sales companies, oilfield infrastructure developers, financial institutions and central banks

- Currency swaps to boost bilateral oil trade: what can businesses and governments do?

- Diversifying forms of oil trade: explore the possibility of building infrastructure or providing transport/business services or oilfield facilities in exchange for energy

- What are the information gaps for participants to expand their business operations, particularly in each other’s markets? How to create a platform for sharing information on oil supply and demand as well as related engineering and services?

18:30 - 22:00Dubai Government Welcome Dinner

(Armani Hotel)

09:00 – 10:30Session 5 New Developments and Frontiers in the Growth of Asia’s Financial Markets

(Atlantis Ballroom B, Atlantis The Palm Hotel)

- How will Internet finance change models of business operation, as well as payment models for trade and consumption?

- Outlook for diversified development of the Chiang Mai Initiative

- Rapid growth and risks of Asia’s bond markets

- Unique advantages of Asia’s credit rating system and the bottleneck in its internationalisation


- Quan Jing, Anchor,*

Panelists - Ding Xuedong, Chairman, China Investment Corporation*

- Guan Jianzhong, Chairman, Dagong Global Credit Rating

- Didar Singh, Secretary General, Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry*

- Sun Taoran, Chairman and President, Lakala*

- Wang Hongzhang, Chairman, China Construction Bank*

- Zhang Hongli, Vice President, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

- Zhang Yaqin, President, Baidu Corp. *

- Nomura Holdings Inc. *

10:30 – 10:45Tea Break
10:45 – 12:15Session 6 Establishing a Safe, Secure, and Efficient Financial System for Asia

(Atlantis Ballroom B, Atlantis The Palm Hotel)

- Rethinking of financial systems and financial regulations in Asian Countries through lessons of 1997 and 2008 financial crises

- Asia’s financial security and financial system reform: internal and external risks

- Case study on China: financial system reform and governance

- Case study on currency cooperation: Promote the development of multilateral currency swaps in Asia

- Enhance comprehensive financial cooperation and forge a secure, reliable Asian financial system for sustainable growth


- Jia Kang, President, China Institute of Supply Economics; Research Fellow, Research Institute of Fiscal Science, Ministry of Finance of China


- Faheem AHMAD, President, Association of Credit Rating Agencies in Asia

- Cai Esheng, Former Vice Chairman,China Banking Regulatory Commission

- HE Hani Rashid Al Hamli, Secretary General, Dubai Economic Council*

- Ian Johnston, CEO, Dubai Financial Services Authority*

- Li Jiange, Chairman, Shenyin & Wanguo Securities

- Charles Li, Executive Director & Chief Executive, Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing Limited*

- Tang Ning, CEO, Credit Ease*

12:15 - 12:30Closing Session

(Atlantis Ballroom B, Atlantis The Palm Hotel)

Closing Speech

- Zhou Wenzhong, Secretary General, Boao Forum for Asia

Closing Remark

- HE Mohammed Al Shaibani, Director General, HH The Ruler’s Court; CEO and Executive Director, Investment Corporation Dubai*


(Atlantis Ballroom A, Atlantis The Palm Hotel)