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ASEAN-China Governors/Mayors Roundtable 5
ASEAN-China Governors/Mayors Roundtable
Location: (Dongyu Island Hotel, Yiyong & Changyan Ballrooms)
Time: 13:30 - 15:30

-With China’s Belt and Road Initiative, how could regions along the Maritime Silk Road ride the tides to open up new vistas for the cruise industry?
-How should regions along the routes achieve better  integration to attract the attention of international cruise giants and become part of the world’s cruise landscape?
-Opening international cruise routes involves coordination of various sectors, including infrastructure construction, development of policies and regulations, training of service and sales personnel and relaxation of cruise visa policies. To what extent will it bring economic and social benefits to regions along the Maritime Silk Road?
-How to establish the Cruise Tourism Cities Alliance along the Maritime Silk Road to better promote  regional cruise industry?






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