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Session 17
The Japanese Economy
Location: (ICC, Level 1, Dong Yu Grand Ballroom A)
Time: 15:15 - 16:30

-Deflation has been the No.1 headache for the Japanese economy for 20 years. Will Japan be able to put it behind this time? What can other economies learn from Japan’s expansionary monetary policies?
-Population is another headache. Some argue that the fundamental and imminent solution lies in Womenomics – engaging more women in jobs, full-time jobs and senior positions. Does it work?
-Japan has been know for its commitment to craftsmanship in manufacturing. Some, however, doubt the wisdom of “excessive” obsession with craftsmanship at the expense of consumer appetite and market trends. How to strike the balance?
-The services sector worldwide has been plagued by high costs but low productivity. What’s the Japanese solution?






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