About the Conference


Boao Youth Forum for Asia (Hong Kong) (BYFHK) is an industry forum targeted towards youth groups co-organized by Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) and The Y.Elites Association (Y.Elites). The forum has been held five times since its founding in 2009.  Compared to other conferences organized by BFA, BYFHK is a considerably energetic forum as that the design, organization, and execution of the forum is planned and operated by young elites of Hong Kong. The influence of the Youth Forum has been increasing since its inception, and the forum attracts prominent political and business leaders or distinguished/leading experts from China, Hong Kong and overseas to gather in Hong Kong and to share their insights on Asian hot issues which include the economic development of Asian economy, opportunities for youth, education, technology, innovation and creativity with young people. The forum attracts over a thousand registrations every time. Dynamic atmosphere, engaging and stimulative discussions in the forum and positive public response proves it to be a popular youth event. 


BYFHK 2017

The 2017 Boao Youth Forum for Asia will be held on November 2nd 2017 at the Hong Kong Convention Centre, with roughly 1000 pax in attendance. The theme of the conference is “The Future of Globalization and Free Trade – The Role of Youth”. 


In these ever-changing times, we envisage traditional business models and working styles to be replaced with new forms. The future is riddled with infinite combinations and possibilities. The evolution of globalization is accompanied with new technology. We need to break through traditional thinking in order to stay adaptive. Changing mindsets, keeping up with the times, grasping opportunities and confronting challenges are all very important challenges in this new era. This year’s conference will analyze the path towards development in this new wave of globalization, and to study how young people can adapt to changes and to realize future opportunities. 


Apart from the main theme, BYFHK 2017 will have the following three sessions:


Session 1: Economics: New world trade rules in the new economy – Role of The Greater Bay 

The global market is fast changing and has become more fragmented in the e-commerce generation with features include high varieties, minimal orders, fast delivery, low volume of storage and fast response. Together with the development of digital currencies and smart contracts supported by block chain technology, there is high demand for quality world trade rules (WTR). Taking the Belt and Road Initiatives as a starting point, how can we proceed and explore different Free Trade Zones in China or the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Bay (Greater Bay) as the pilot zones for the new WTR?  As the window of China to the global stage, what are the roles to be played by the Greater Bay area under the new world trade rules and order?  


Session 2: Youth: The challenges of artificial intelligence and automatic to education and vocational training and its effect to youth’s career and academics pursuit  

Artificial intelligence and automation have been developing rapidly nowadays. With features of deep learning and self-learning abilities, as well as operation with lengthy period, robots are not tied by labour unions, emotional swings and unlike human, robots has no labour social security protection liability obligation. In order to minimize operation cost, there have been increasing number of major corporations which to replace manpower by robotic automation. Which type of jobs can be kept “alive” in future? Irrefutably, robotics is directly challenging the development of education and the choice of career. What kind of knowledge and skillsets should be acquired by our next generations in order to stay competitive and ensured that they are not being replaced? How should our future education design to respond to the growing use of robotics, and to help us cultivate competitive young talent in the age of robotics? It is time for us to explore and rethink.


Session 3: The exchange of culture and humanities: Globalization vs Anti-globalization, reflections of Globalization 4.0 

In Globalization 4.0, it should an inclusive, multilateral development and sharing era. How to create blessedness fill culture through sharing and collaboration? How to ride on sports, arts and culture to connect people in the global village? It requires the joint effort and contribution of all related stakeholders. We need more positive energy in order to move forward future development.


Review of the Past Conference

·6 Dec 2009 “China’s Responses to Financial Crisis”

·26 Nov 2010 “Opportunities and Challenges – Asia’s Development on its Road to Recovery”

·15 September 2011 “Asian Economies in Remodeling: What We Can Do”

·9 September 2013 “Creative Youth, Innovative Asia: Joining Hands for a Better Future”

·20 & 21 May 2015 Asia in Restructuring: Vision and Action of Youth


Past participants

BYFHK received attention and support from the HKSAR Government and from different sectors in society. With many participants from all over the world focusing on Asia’s economy, politics and culture each time, this highly anticipated event brings a number of Asia’s prominent leaders, including Madam Liu Yandong, Vice Premier of the State Council, Mr. Li Zhaoxing, former Foreign Minister of the People's Republic of China, Mr. Leung Chun-ying, former Chief Executive of the HKSAR and Mr. Tsang Yam-kuen, former Chief Executive of the HKSAR, Mr. Zhang Xiaoming, Directors of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HKSAR , Mr. Gao Siren and Mr. Peng Qinghua , former Directors of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HKSAR, Mr. Song Zhe, Commissioner of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC in HKSAR and Mr. Lu Xinhua, Mr. Zhang Xiaoming, Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Hong Kong and former Commissioner of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PRC in HKSAR have been officiated our event. 


About the Y.Elites Association

Established on 16th May, 2007, The Y.Elites Association is a youth group comprising the alumni of the national studies classes of Chinese Academy of Governance (CAG), China Pudong Cadres College, the Academy of Chinese Culture and the China Youth University for Political Sciences. Currently the Association has more than 900 members which comprises of young entrepreneurs, professionals from various industries and leaders from various youth organizations.  Past Chairmen includes Jaime Sze, Frank Pak, Witman Hung, Clarence Leung, Johnny Yu, Wingco Lo and the current Chairman for the 2017-2018 term is Albert Chuang from the Chuang’s Consortium.  


Our members have been actively participating in major social and political affairs in Hong Kong. Currently our association has 4 Legislative Councillors, 16 District Councillors, 11 Election Committee members, 2 Central Policy Unit part-time members, 13 Commission on Youth members and 8 members of Promotion of Civic Education Board. Our members have been able to showcase their strong abilities via their participation at different levels of government hierarchy/structure.  Apart from regular meeting up with the Central Policy Unit of the HKSAR Government , our Association addresses and presents suggestions on respective government policy, financial budget and constitutional development. 

The Y.Elites Association strives to ignite Hong Kong young people’s passion and love for the motherland; to act as a platform for national education; to provide a platform to enhance social exchange with the Mainland Chinese; to set out the stage for gathering Hong Kong young elites together through organizing various activities; and to be the frontline for building a better Hong Kong.


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