2017 BOAO Youth Forum for Asia (Hong Kong) host Press Conference
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“The Future of Globalization and Free Trade – The Role of Youth”

Stimulating breakthrough of traditional thinking and keeping abreast of the time

Grasping opportunities and embracing future challenges


Co-organized by the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) and The Y.Elites Association, the 2017 BOAO Youth Forum for Asia (Hong Kong) (“Forum”) is widely regarded as Asia's most influential forum and bringing together the most prominent leaders from politics, economics, business and academic across the regions. Scheduled to be held on 2 November 2017 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, the 2017 edition initiates through-provoking discussion under the theme “The Future of Globalization and Free Trade – The Role of Youth”.

A press conference was hosted by the The Y.Elites Association on October 19, 2017 at Forum Restaurant. It was attended by Mr. Albert Chuang, Chairman of The Y.Elites Association; Mr. Witman Hung, Honorary Chairman of The Y.Elites Association; Mr. Clarence Leung, Honorary Chairman of The Y.Elites Association; Ms. Ellen Tsang, Executive Vice Chairman of The Y.Elites Association; representative of 2017 BOAO Youth Forum for Asia (Hong Kong); Ms. Christie Hoo, Ms. Yvonne Wong, Mr. Chen Donghai and Mr. Lawrence Lam, Vice Chairmen of The Y.Elites Association; and Mr. Leung Ping Kin, Secretary General of The Y.Elites Association, unveiling the comprehensive and thought-provoking programme of 2017 edition, as well as the officiating guest and stellar speaker lineups.

Mr. Albert Chuang, Chairman of The Y.Elites Association, stated, “In these ever-changing times, with mushroom growth in technological breakthrough, we envisage traditional business models and working styles to be replaced with new forms. The future is riddled with infinite combinations and possibilities. An established international metropolis, Hong Kong has been a forerunner of development. It is the collective efforts of Hong Kong youths that is crucial in creating the city's new growth impetus and coping with sudden changes. To stay adaptive in an evolution accompanied with new technology, or even innovate our life with unprecedented technological ideas, Hong Kong will only thrive innovatively in a more sustainable manner with our youths adapt the mindset to think outside the box and dare to try.”

Mr. Chuang continued, “We are honored to have Mr. Leung Chun-ying, Vice Chairman of The National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and and Shaukat Aziz, former Prime Minister of Pakistan and BFA Board Member will attend the forum and deliver keynote speeches; XIE Feng, Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will attend the opening ceremony of the forum and deliver a speech. The Forum features a lineup of elite speakers from different regions in its three panel discussions, analyzing the latest globalization trends and advising how youths can adapt to change and capitalize the future. We are confident our participants will find their hands full with refreshing inspiration.”

Mr. Chuang added, the opening ceremony of the Forum will be officiated by dignitaries.

Ms. Ellen Tsang, Executive Vice Chairman of The Y.Elites Association, stated, “The 2017 BOAO Youth Forum for Asia (Hong Kong) welcomes a star-studded and highly anticipated panel speaker lineup. This includes Mr. Xin Yu, Co-founder of ofo Bike; Professor K.C. Chan, Adjunct Professor and Senior Advisor to the Dean of Business and Management of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology; Mr. Danny Quah, Professor of Economics and International Development of London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE); Mr. Ni Pengfei, Director of Center for City and Competitiveness of China Academy of Social Science (CASS); Mr. Fan Yang, CEO of IQIANJIN.COM, among all.”

During the press conference, panel introductions were presented by Mr. Witman Hung, Principal Liaison Officer for Hong Kong of Shenzhen Qianhai Authority, Honorary Chairman of The Y.Elites Association, and moderator of “New world trade rules in the new economy – Role of The Greater Bay” session, as well as Mr. Clarence Leung, Honorary Chairman of The Y.Elites Association and moderator of “Globalization vs Anti-globalization, reflections of Globalization 4.0” session. Ms. Vanessa Gao, CEO and Founding Partner of The Jiangmen, is invited as moderator of “The challenges of artificial intelligence and automatic to education and vocational training and its effect to youth’s career and academics pursuit” session.


About BOAO Youth Forum for Asia (Hong Kong)

Co-organized by the BOAO Forum for Asia and the Y. Elites Association, the BOAO Youth Forum for Asia (Hong Kong) is the annual forum that gathering political, business and intellectual leaders from the region and across the world to engage in brainstorming and clashing of ideas on topics of finance, culture, education, science and technology, society and sustainable development with young people, listen and elaborate their points of view, and collectively analyze the opportunities and challenges ahead for the future development of Asia and the world.

Since inception in 2009, BOAO Youth Forum for Asia (Hong Kong) has widely regarded as one of Asia's most influential forums. The inaugural edition in 2009 illustrated how China can revitalize its economic policies and explored the way for global recovery under the theme “China's Reponses to Financial Crisis”. Themed “Opportunities and Challenges - Asia's Development on its Road to Recovery”, a special focus on Asia was addressed in 2010 edition with in-depth analyzes on how Asian countries reshaped their economic growth strategy. In response to the substantial changes across Asia, the 2011 edition was dedicated to explore the expanding role of youth under the theme “Asian Economies in Remodeling: What We Can Do”. The 2013 edition weighed the development trend of Asian creative industry in perspective under the theme “Creative Youth, Innovative Asia: Joining Hand for a Better Future”, advocating collaboration with creative youths to creating a better future. Discussion of 2015 edition was deepened under the theme “Asia in Restructuring: Vision and Action of Youth”, inspiring youths to determine their roles and commitments in the era of innovation-driven economy, and encourage them to make their contribution and involvement in the society.


About The Y. Elites Association

Established in 2007, the Y.Elites Association is a youth group comprising the alumni of the national studies classes of National School of Administration, China Pudong Cadres College and the Academy of Chinese Culture. Its objectives are to be “Focal Point of Young Elites, Promoter of National Studies, Carer for Social Issues, and Think Tank for Current Affairs”. The Association’s members including young entrepreneurs, professionals from various industries and leaders from youth organizations.

It has formed 13 research groups on areas of Finance, Real Estate, Industries & Commerce, Professional Services, Students, Sports & Culture, Community & Livelihood, Politics, Women Forum, Hong Kong-Taiwan Exchange and Ethnic Groups, Arts, Member Affairs, and Public Relations & Communications.

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