Conference information

About Paris

Paris is the capital of France. It is internationally recognized as one of the world’s four largest international metropolises together with New York, London and Tokyo. As the economic and financial center of France, Paris also enjoys a strong influence in various fields such as politics, technology, culture, education, fashion, art, entertainment and media.


Paris is also the largest industrial and commercial city in France. The suburban area in the north of the city hosts a high concentration of manufacturing companies that specialize in autos, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food. It is also a manufacturing hub of luxury goods such as valuable metal objects, leather goods, ceramics and apparel, which are mostly concentrated in downtown areas. Louis Vuitton was founded in Paris in 1854 and has now become one of the most valuable luxury brands in the world.


Paris is also one of the busiest transportation hubs in the world, hosting the world’s 7th largest airport that is only second to London’s in Europe. There are two airports in the city: Charles de Gaulle and Orly. As the heart of the country, Paris has a well-developed transportation network that offers convenient access to various parts of France. The French National Railway Company (SNCF) has built a number of high-speed railways. The Paris Metro is the predominant transportation mode in Paris, with 14 trunk lines and 2 branch lines that can be easily accessed by stations omnipresent around the city. Its public bus service operates more than 50 lines.


As an attractive tourist destination that hosts an abundance of cultural heritage and events as well as modern facilities, Paris welcomes many international events every year. Statistics show that Paris surpassed New York, London, Brussel and Geneva to become the busiest host of 365 international events in 1987. International organizations headquartered in Paris include UNESCO, OECD, International Chamber of Commerce and Paris Club.


Air Tickets and Visas

You need to book air tickets and apply for visas by yourself based on your personal schedule. Should you need an invitation for visa application, please contact Liu Xiaowen (; 010-65057377 ext. 607). After you have received the confirmation letter, you may turn to a service provider to help you apply for the visa or book your air ticket at your own expense.


Airport Pick-up/Drop-off

No airport pick-up/drop-off service will be available. You need to make transportation arrangements by yourself for your travel.



Should you have any special food requirement, please notify the Secretariat in writing. The Secretariat will exercise its best effort to satisfy your need and inform you of the cost incurred as a result if there is any.



Simultaneous interpretation in Chinese, English and French will be provided for all sessions.



The euro is the local currency and the EUR/RMB exchange rate is about 1:7.58, which is subject to changes every day. You may use internationally accepted currencies or traveler’s check in exchange for the local currency. Credits cards such as VISA, MasterCard and American Express are accepted by most local hotels and shops.



France’s country code is 0033; Paris’ area code is 0033+1. You can directly make domestic long-distance or international calls in your hotel room, but at different rates for different countries. You may consult the reception for such information and need to clear your telephone bill before check-out.



The day temperature of Paris in September averages 21℃. Recommended attire includes short-sleeved shirts, T-shirts, thin jeans or pants, or other comfortable casual or business attire; the average night temperature is 21℃. Recommended attire includes suits, jackets, thin sweaters and other clothes that will keep you warm.


Time zone

The time zone of Paris is UTC+1, 7 hours behind Beijing Time.



The conference does not provide any form of insurance. You are strongly encouraged to buy an insurance policy for travelling overseas. The policy should be able to cover losses resulting from the cancellation of the conference, or the loss of the deposit or participant fee caused by cancellation of participation, as well as any other additional cost and expense caused by any reason, including air ticket price, medical expenses, damage of personal belongings or costs incurred by a possible changed itinerary.