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Doranda DOO
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Doranda DOO

Senior Vice President of iFLYTEK Co., Ltd.

Ph.D in System Engineering of South China University of Technology, Post-doctor in Management, and Senior Economist. Dr. Doo serves as a member of the Guangzhou Municipal CPPCC, executive member of the standing committee of Guangdong Youth Federation, the executive director of Guangdong Association of Young Scientists, and was awarded “Guangdong Top Ten Influential Business People”, selected as “Annual People of Pioneers” by Southern Weekly as well as “People of Excellence” and “Senior Talent of Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. Dr. Doranda Doo has done extensive research in business management, brand strategy, internet marketing and accumulated years of valuable hands-on experience. Dr. Doo is appointed as the chair professor and supervisor of graduate students by both South China University of Technology and Jinan University. As the Senior Vice President of iFLYTEK, which is the leader of Chinese intelligent speech and artificial intelligence as well as the biggest public company in its field in Asia, Dr. Doo has led her team to embark vigorously on application of A.I. technology in healthcare, education, smart cities and so on. Standing by the mission of “Let machines listen and speak, understand and think,” Dr. Doo has been engaging herself in promoting the brand strategy of iFLYTEK in A.I., deploying iFLYTEK’s A.I.+ industry in the south of China, and exploring the innovation direction of A.I. incubation. As a representative of Guangzhou innovative business in technology, she has brought iFLYTEK to the whole world in Fortune Global Forum. Dr. Doo has made her voice heard as an advocate of A.I. industry and a spokesperson of the most advanced A.I. technology.

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