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The Future of Transportation
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The sub-forum, themed around “The Future of Transportation”, is successfully held in Dong Yu Grand Ballroom C on 9th, April. Tian Wei, as moderator from China Global Television Network (CGTN), hosted the session.

John Chen, Executive Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer, BlackBerry, suggested that it may take 15 years, more or less, to replace current cars, despite automatic (or pilotless) drive technology is advantageous. He Xiaopeng, Chairman of XPENG Motors, believed that the future of transportation means the improvement of efficiency and the increase of travel radius. Nevertheless, the data management is still an issue that needs to be solved. Yasmin Kudo, the Chairman of NYK Line, indicated that automatic drive technology is crucial so that it can help reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. Regarding the future direction of transportation, Liu Hualong, the Chairman of CRRC Group, indicated it would be green, high efficiency, intelligence, and harmony. Zhang Yue, the Chairman and CEO of Broad Group suggested that increasing the speed and decreasing energy consumption is of importance. Shen Hui, the Founder and CEO and Chairman of WM Motor Technology, claimed that the pilotless driving car would be much safer than normal one, if human can improve the current technology with the help of big data.

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