Thank you for your interest in BFA events, the BFA Annual Conference 2019 is for BFA members and special invitees only. If you wish to get an invitation, please send corporate profile and personal bio to the following, BFA Secretariat shall send you official invitation after your profile is being approved, thank you. The registration cutoff date for delegates is March 5th, any registration after the date will not be entertained. 


Contact for Delegates:

Mr. LIU Chang, Mr. LIU Qingquan, Miss. LI Qinglan, Miss. MA Siqi

TEL+8618810136706(Mr. LIU Chang)  +8618810955623(Mr.LIU Qingquan)   +8618811767220(Miss. Li Qinglan)  +861881002150(Miss.MA Siqi)

FAX+86-10-6505 1833 / /  /


Ms. DONG Shizao

TEL+86-10-6505 7377 Ext. 639


Contact for Membership Application:

Ms. CAO Beibei

Tel+86-10-6505 7377 Ext. 668

Fax+86-10-6505 1833