Registration Form


Application procedure

1. Application form: Fill out application form and attach relevant materials. Affix documents with company seal and mail to the organizing committee or e-mail to

2. Initial review: The organizing committee review team will conduct an initial review of the application materials

3. Investigation and research: The organizing committee will designate a research team to conduct an in-depth online or on-site investigation and deliver a research report

4. Approved upon review: The organizing committee’s sponsorship team will confirm sponsorship rights with the applicant, who will then submit an

acknowledgment of participation with affixed company seal to the organizing committee via email

5. Announcement of candidates: The list of enterprises that are confirmed to attend the Forum will be posted on the official GHF website


Application materials

1. Fill out the application form;  Download Annex

2. Provide photocopies of documentation

•Provide company logos, enterprise profiles, and chairman’s bio;

•Provide company’s business license and technology patent certificate (photocopy)


GHF has the following qualification requirements for our sponsors and partners as well as enterprises and institutions participating in the event:

1.The applicant must be a legitimate independent institution without any record of misconduct in the last 5 years;

2.Preference is given to well-known domestic or foreign enterprises with leading health-related technologies, industry expertise and a passion for charitable works;

3.All speeches and remarks made during the GHF must be subject to review and approval by the GHF organizing committee;

4.Products and technology showcased and promoted during the GHF platform must be officially approved by relevant government departments for production or sales;

5.The applicant shall abide by all arrangements of the GHF.



From 1st January 2019 to 20th May 2019