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  September 14th, 2016 Wednseday

BFA Update

G20 Hangzhou Summit: A Platform for China to Pursue a New Model of International Relations

On the afternoon of 24 August 2016, Mr. Zhou Wenzhong, Secretary-General of the Boao Forum for Asia, gave an interview to International Herald Leader.

Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference and G20

In the past Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conferences, what sub-forums related to G20 were held? What suggestions did the ...

Zhou Wenzhong: G20 Hangzhou Summit will promote global economic growth and share China’s experience

The G20 summit is at a crucial juncture as it is transitioning from a crisis response mechanism to one for global economic governance ...

Get a closer look at the green ideal of people controlling sand—Boao media circle visited the Hobq Desert

Attracted by Elion green dream, Boao media circle organized 30 media friends from 23 media companies to have a field trip to the Hobq desert on August 26th and 27th on invitation to know more about the life of local people ...

Zhou Wenzhong: G20 will transform from a crisis response mechanism to a global economic governance mechanism in the future

“Many heads of states and governments and entrepreneurs gather at the G20 Hangzhou Summit. This is a hard-won opportunity for Hangzhou to showcase itself.

Political and Economic News

G20 poll: China’s image is on the rise and it is ranking second in international influence

The Global Survey of China's National Image 2015 was released in Beijing on August 29th. The international influence of China’s economy is ranking second in the world.

Professionals in the industrial and business industry at home and abroad are having heated discussions about B2O policy recommendations report

The 2016 B20 Policy Recommendations Report formed after the full discussions of representatives from the industrial and business circles was submitted to G20 Summit on the 3rd.

Think tank report: “The One Belt and One Road” construction promotes global economic development

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Randi International Think Tank published a study report One Belt and One Road Construction and Global Economic Financial Governance in Beijing on September 1st.

IMF calls for strong policies to prevent world economy from slipping into the trap of low growth rate

IMF recently released a monitoring report provided by the G20 Summit, calling on all countries to adopt strong and comprehensive policies to promote sustainable, robust and inclusive economic growth.

Economist Intelligence Unit released the Report on Global Livable Cities

On August 18th, Economist Intelligence Unit released the Global livable city Ranking Report evaluating the living quality and other factors of 140 cities globally. Melbourne of Australia has been ranking top for 6 consecutive years.

In 2015, Americans have spent their money on these things

The latest 2015 Consumer Spending released by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics showed that last year, Americans spent more money in going to restaurants, buying new cars and taking part in recreational activities; at the same time, the percentages of renting and medical expenditure have risen.

Research Center

Progress of Asian Economic Integration – Annual Report 2016

The Development of Emerging Economies – Annual Report 2016

Asian Competitiveness Annual Report 2016

Internet Finance Report 2016

Inclusive Structural Transformation Index

2016 Asian Economy Forward-Looking Indicator

Member Center

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Members News

Pfizer will acquire Medivation

On August 22, 2016, Pfizer and Medivation announced that they have signed the final agreement and that Pfizer will acquire Medivation at the total value of about $14 billion in cash.

CEFC China Placed 7th among China Top 500 Private Enterprises

On August 25, the list of Top 500 Chinese Private Enterprises in 2016 was released by All-China Federation of Industry & Commerce (ACFIC) in Beijing. CEFC China Energy ...

Bank of China assists to issue the first Panda Bonds by a French Company

On September 1st, Bank of China, as the exclusive underwriter and book runner, assisted Veolia Environnement to issue RMB Bonds (Panda Bonds) in the Chinese Inter-bank Bond Market.

Sinopec had a major commercial discovery in the oil and gas exploration in Xinjiang

On August 29th, 2016, Sinopec announced their major commercial discovery in Shunbei oilfield exploration in the Tarim Basin of China, striving to build a 150-ton production base of crude oil during the Thirteenth Five Year Plan.

Hong Kong Telecom and CLP Holdings Limited formed a new company-- Smart Charge

Hong Kong Telecom and CLP Holdings Limited announced that they would set up a new joint venture--Smart Charge (HK) Limited with equal stock rights to provide comprehensive charging services for electric cars and meet the ever growing market needs.

"One Message for Global Solar PV"

Since its founding at Paris COP21 in December 2015, the Global Solar Council (GSC) has evolved at an impressive pace to become a respected and professional association.

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