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On April 19, 2007, the BFA 2007 Annual Meeting Council Meeting was held at the BFA International Convention Center. Ramos, BFA Chairman and former President of the Philippines , Hawke, BFA Director and former Prime Minister of Australia, and Long Yongtu, Secretary General of BFA, attended the meeting and discussed matters such as the general election of BFA council members and the new LOGO of BFA.

On April 20, 2007, the BFA 2007 Annual Meeting Press Conference was held at the Boao Sofitel Hotel. BFA Chairman Ramos and BFA Secretary General Long Yongtu introduced meeting preparations to the reporters.

From April 20 to 22, 2007, the Sixth BFA Annual Meeting was held in Boao of Hainan. Wu Bangguo, Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, attended the opening ceremony and gave the keynote speech entitled “Creating Harmonious Conditions for Peaceful Cooperation in Asia.” Arroyo, President of the Philippines, Aziz, Prime Minister of Pakistan, and Bill Gates, Chairman of the Board of the Microsoft Corporation, also attended the opening ceremony and gave keynote speeches. Some 1,410 delegates from 36 countries and regions attended the annual meeting. 78 overseas media covered the event, a new record high. For the first time, some international mainstream media, including Times of the US, Bloomberg News, and European Financial Times, became media cooperation partners of the BFA Annual Meeting. A group of global business leaders, including Yunus, founder of the Grameen Bank and 2006 Nobel Peace Prize laureate, attended the meeting, demonstrating the influence of BFA in the global business circle.

During the annual meeting, the term of the first BFA Council expired. The general assembly of BFA elected and established the second council for the coming three years. Ramos was reelected the council chairman. According to Long Yongtu, BFA would continue issuing its backbone product, Report on Asia Economic Integration.

On April 20, 2007, Wu Bangguo, Chairman of the NPC Standing Committee, met separately in Boao with BFA Council members, Chinese and foreign entrepreneurs, guest speakers, and ministers attending the annual meeting, delegates to the Hainan Sister City Summit, and delegates to the Boao Youth Forum, and attended the welcoming banquet held at the Hainan Provincial Government.

On April 21, 2007, a BFA Charity Banquet was held at the Boao Golden Coast Hotel. Over 800,000 RMB of charity fund was received and it would be used to rebuild a Philippine primary school destroyed by mud-rock flow and improve the conditions of some schools in remote ethnic minority areas of China.

From September 25 to 27, 2007, the Third Summit Forum on Development of Metropolitan Belts in the World cosponsored by BFA, China Association of Mayors, and Nantong City Government of Jiangsu Province was held in Nantong. Over 50 mayors and mayor representatives from 20 cities of 14 countries aired their views on cultural exchange and striking a proper balance between future development and relic protection. The meeting also passed the Nantong Declaration of the Third Summit Forum on Development of Metropolitan Belts in the World.

From November 6 to 7, 2007, BFA and the Business Week of the US worked together to hold in Beijing the Second Entrepreneur Summit, which had a theme of “Striving to be the best: leadership, creative intelligence, and excellent performance.” Blair, former Prime Minister of Britain, attended the closing ceremony and gave a keynote speech. Over 600 delegates attended the summit. The number of delegates from India, Southeast Asia, and other Asian areas such as the Middle East increased by a large margin, accounting for 15% of all delegates. This indicated the increasing interest of the Middle East in the Chinese market. The summit offered an important platform for political and business leaders to discuss the challenges confronting the region, seek solutions, and exchange ideas and suggestions.

On November 8, 2007, the “2007 Euro-Asia Economic Forum” was held in Xi’an. Fidel Ramos, BFA Chairman and initiator of the Asia Education Forum, and BFA Secretary General Long Yongtu attended the forum and gave speeches. Ramos also paid a visit to the Xi’an Eurasia University on invitation on November 9.

On November 22, 2007, BFA and the British Cavendish International Group jointly announced in Beijing that the BFA International Capital Summit would be held in London, UK, from June 3 to 5, 2008. This was the first large-scale international conference held outside Asia by BFA. According to BFA Secretary General Long Yongtu, the topics for discussion of the summit included global economic trend and prospect of international capital market, opportunities and challenges confronting Chinese enterprises in global economic development, transnational merger practice, private equity fund, and venture investment.

From December 7 to 8, 2007, BFA and the People’s Government of Shenzhen City cosponsored the “High-end Service Industry International Summit” at the Shenzhen Wuzhou Guest House. This was the first high-end service industry meeting held by BFA. Over 400 guests from service industries of China and other relevant countries, who had original ideas about service industry, attended the summit. Among the guests were Robert Vastine, Chairman of the US Coalition of Service Industries, Zeng Junhua, Head of the Financial Department of HKSAR Administration, Bridget Rosewell, Chief Economist of the Greater London Authority, Zheng Haiquan, Chairman of the Board of HSBC Bank, and Ma Huateng, Chairman of the Board of the Tencent Inc. The summit had extensive and in-depth discussion about the development trend of international service industry, China’s opportunities, and ideas and strategies for the Shenzhen – Hong Kong international metropolis.

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