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On January 7, 2009, BFA Secretary General Long Yongtu announced at a press conference held in Beijing that the BFA 2009 Annual Meeting would be held in Boao from April 17 to 19. The theme of the meeting would be “Economic Crisis and Asia: Challenge and Prospect.” Long Yongtu pointed out that under the current financial crisis, the forum would lay greater stress on practical discussion and simple form.

According to Long Yongtu, new sponsors of BFA were the FMG Group of Australia and the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation. The Volvo Group, India's Tata Group, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch, Evonik, Shanghai GM, Maotai Group, Deloitte, New Wealth, Starbucks, and Asian Development Bank would continue supporting the forum.

Long Yongtu said that BFA had added media leader delegates and its cooperation with overseas mainstream media had been further strengthened. BFA would invite over 600 media workers, of which, overseas media workers would exceed that of any previous year. Long Yongtu announced that Zeng Peiyan, Vice Premier of China, would act as Chief Chinese Representative to BFA. Zeng’s assignment once again demonstrated Chinese Government’s constant support to BFA.

On January 7, 2009, BFA held a Spring Festival Reciprocal Reception at the China World Hotel in Beijing. Zeng Peiyan, Vice Premier of China, attended the reception and gave a speech. Invited to the reception were over 100 Chinese governmental officials, representatives of business circles at home and abroad, academic personages, foreign diplomats to China, and other long-term cooperation partners of BFA.

On April 16, 2009, BFA held the 2009 BFA Member and Sponsor Welcoming Banquet at the International Convention Center of Boao Sofitel Hotel in Hainan. BFA Chairman Ramos and Vice Chairman Zeng Peiyan attended the banquet.

On April 16, 2009, a BFA Council Meeting was held at the International Convention Center of Sofitel Hotel. All 12 BFA Council members attended the meeting and unanimously elected Zeng Peiyan, former Vice Premier of China and Chief Chinese Representative to BFA, the 13th Council Member and Vice Chairman of BFA.

From April 17 to 19, 2009, BFA held in Boao of Hainan its eighth annual meeting, which had a theme of “Economic Crisis and Asia: Challenge and Prospect.” At the opening ceremony, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao gave the keynote speech entitled “Enhancing Confidence, Deepening Cooperation, and Achieving Win-win Results.” At the annual meeting, Fidel Ramos, BFA Chairman and former President of the Philippines, made the appeal “not to allow the neighbors to fall.”

As the first grand gathering on regional cooperation in Asia after the outbreak of the international financial crisis, this annual meeting was different from all past ones not only in topics for discussion, but in its economical and diversified activity forms. For the first time, the meeting held a TV debate, “Next Advantage of Asia,” and a Boao Asian Contemporary Choice Art Works Exhibition. The sub-forum by the Hainan Provincial Government entitled “International Tourism under Financial Crisis” highlighted “Hainan Elements.”

Over 1,800 political and business leaders, experts and scholars, and media workers from Vietnam, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Togo, Finland, Albania, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, and Mongolia got together in Hainan of China to seek common ground and spread hope.

On July 30, 2009, BFA held in Beijing a small press conference. BFA Secretary General Long Yongtu and Matthew Astill, CEO of British Cavendish International Group, a cooperation partner of BFA, and Sir William Ehrman, British Ambassador to China, introduced the preparations for the Second BFA International Capital Summit to be held in London in September and its main topics.

From September 15 to 16, 2009, the BFA International Capital Summit was held at the London Westminster Central Hall. Some 340 guests from about 80 Chinese enterprises and 70 western enterprises attended the summit. Some 67 European and American experts and Chinese senior policymakers gave speeches during the summit. These included Fu Ying, Chinese Ambassador to Britain, Chen Jian, Vice Minister of the Ministry of Commerce of China, Alderman Ian Luder, Mayor of the City of London Corporation, and Stephen Timms, Congressman of Britain.

During the two-day summit, the delegates discussed the way in which Chinese business leaders could work with western financial service companies to promote the growth of world economy. Mr. Blair, former Prime Minister of Britain, and Sir Mandelson, First Secretary of the State and Minister of British Ministry of Commerce, Innovation, and Skill, attended the VIP welcoming dinner party held by the summit.

On September 27, 2009, results of the “Mark of a Great Nation: Top 60 Landmarks of China from 1949 to 2009,” a joint election by mainstream media of 32 newspaper networks, were made public in Beijing. Winning over 370,000 votes, “Boao Forum for Asia” in Hainan Province stood out from over 300 candidates and became one of the top 60 landmarks of China.

On December 7, 2009, the “2009 Boao Youth Forum (Hong Kong)” cosponsored by BFA and the Hong Kong Y.Elites Association Limited was held in Hong Kong. This was the first youth sub-forum held by BFA outside Boao and the second theme forum held in Hong Kong. About 800 youth delegates from the mainland and Hong Kong of China carried out extensive and in-depth discussion of the theme --- “diplomacy, economy, and culture of China under the financial crisis.”

Liu Yandong, Member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the CPC and State Councilor, attended the “2009 Boao Youth Forum” opening and welcoming cocktail party and gave a speech. Zeng Yinquan, Chief Executive of the HKSAR, also attended the opening ceremony and gave a speech. Also present at the meeting were several guests from diplomatic, economic, and cultural sectors, such as Li Zhaoxing, Chief of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the National People's Congress and former Foreign Minister of China, Zhou Heping, former Vice Minister of the Ministry of Culture, Xiao Zhiwei, Member of the Legislative Council of Macao, Peng Chun, Executive Director and Vice President of China Bank of Communications, and Li Jian’ge, Chairman of the Board of China International Capital Corporation Limited. The guests analyzed in detail the policy making and implementation by the Chinese Government in diplomatic, economic, and cultural sectors under the financial crisis and future development trend. They also discussed with the delegates several hot topics of popular concern.

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