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March   1960:   Bachelor of Science & Engineering, Waseda University, Tokyo

Business Career

April     1960:   Joined Mitsubishi Corporation, Tokyo

March  1966:   Mitsubishi International G.m.b.H., Duesseldorf

November   1966:   Mitsubishi Corporation, London Branch

September  1979:   President, Mitsubishi International Corp. (Iran), Ltd.

February   1985:   General Manager, Heavy Machinery Department

July       1989:   General Manager, Ship & Plant Division

March   1991:   Executive Vice President, Mitsubishi International Corporation, New  York

June      1992:   Director, Mitsubishi Corporation

April      1993:   President & CEO, Mitsubishi International Corporation, New York

June      1994:   Managing Director, Mitsubishi Corporation

April      1998:   President & CEO, Mitsubishi Corporation

April      2004:   Chairman of the Board, Mitsubishi Corporation

June      2010:   Member of the Board, Senior Corporate Advisor, Mitsubishi Corporation

June      2011:   Senior Advisor to the Board, Mitsubishi Corporation

April      2016:   Senior Corporate Advisor of Mitsubishi Corporation

Other Career

March   2002:   Chairman, International Chamber of Commerce Japan

July       2007:   Advisor, The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Vice  Chairman, November 2000 – March 2007)

July       2007:   Special Advisor, The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry

April     2010:   Member of the Board of Directors, Boao Forum for Asia

May      2010:   Honorary Advisor, Japan Foreign Trade Council, Inc. (Chairman, May  2004 - May 2008)

May      2011:   Advisor, Keidanren (Vice Chairman, May 2007 – May 2011)

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