Riverside Group
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Riverside Group

Riverside Group was founded in 1986 with the purpose of “preserving the works of significance that can be passed down to later generators.” It aims to constantly provide ingenious products for customers and become the "creator of world-class theme towns." Its business covers tourism, entertainment, culture, health and real estate, and projects are founded in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Chengdu, Chongqing, central China and other economic hubs.

With great virtue, innovation, excellence and mutual benefits as its core values, Riverside Group, by drawing on the cutting-edge ideas and valuable experience from nearly 150 countries around the world in construction, planning, environment and new technologies, has created Jinhai Lake International Resort, Riverside Art Avenue, and Riverside International Garden Community. The group has been a top 100 Chinese real estate enterprise, and titled “leading enterprise in cultural tourism innovation” and “model for the cultural tourism industry in China.” Its Urban Garden High-End Residences have won the “Golden Prize of The International Awards for Livable Communities” issued by the United Nations.

Conforming to the development trends of China, Riverside Group has oriented on the cultural tourism, driven by the resources integration. It has created a strategic pattern for the coordinated development of five industries (the leisure and entertainment industry, holiday tourism industry, arts and culture industry, health and anti-aging industry, and high-end residence industry).

In 2014, Riverside Group became the only brand licensee of American Six Flags Group in China. At the same time it established a strategic direction that regarded the world-class IP as an attraction kernel, users as a core, and the integration and operation of IP resources as content to integrate comprehensively and build a global brand alliance to build series products of Riverside Themed Town according to local conditions.

In 2016, the Riverside Themed Town invested by the Riverside Group was put into construction. Then, Zhejiang Riverside Themed Town Exhibition Center was officially unveiled on August 2, 2017, and won the unanimous praise of guests from domestic and overseas.

On October 9, 2017, the first Jinhai Lake World Anti-aging Summit, which was undertaken by the Riverside Group and World Anti-Aging and Biomedical Association, was held grandly. The summit was the largest permanent activity of the World Anti-Aging and Biomedical Association in the Asia-Pacific region and China, as well as the “Olympic event” in the field of life sciences and health care. Jinhai Lake, due to its innovative breakthroughs and deep practice roots in anti-aging field, was selected as the “permanent venue site”.

On the basis of “pool the wisdom of mankind and boost global health industry”, the World Anti-Aging and Biomedical Association committed top international exchanges and cooperation in the field of anti-aging, dock the quality resources of all countries in the world, and setup a standardized health industry platform in order to provide continuing education and training support for related experts, scholars and practitioners. The successful access of the IP will become another powerful engine for the development of the group after the American Six Flags Group.

In the future, Riverside Group will integrate the diversified industrial development, solicit the global intelligence, create a prominent brand, elevate the living standards for Chinese people, contribute to the transformation and upgrade of the health, cultural, entertainment, and tourism industries, and ”making China more beautiful and life better.”

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