New Path on the Growth of Industry: Cluster Incubation
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New Path on the Growth of Industry: Cluster Incubation

Sept. 7, San Francisco, US—the Sino-US Innovative Incubation Roundtable, organized by CFLD ,  one of the BFA’s major partners held at CFLD Capital in San Francisco. The proposal of the meeting aims at the trends of Sino-US high-tech innovation and the vision of collaboration in cross-region industry upgrade. 


Mr. Zhou Wenzhong, [Secretary-General of BFA], Mr. Zhang Guobao, Chairman, the Advisory Board, National Energy Commission, Mr. Qiu Baoxing, former Vice Minister of Ministry of Housing and Urban/Rural Development, Mr. Yuan Nansheng, Consul General, Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in San Francisco, Mr. Wang Junming, Science and technology Counselor, Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in San Francisco, and Mr. Hu Zhenyu, Vice president of CFLD, participated in the event. 


As the leading new industrial city operator, CFLD found the CFLD Capital with the concept of “Global Incubation, CFLD Acceleration, China Innovation, focusing on the end-to-end consolidation of innovation and industrialization. The purpose of CFLD capital is to buildup a bridge across the pacific ocean linking Sino-US technology cooperation, and hence to explore a path of bi-literal development and win-win situation. 


During the meeting, Mr. Zhou Wenzhong shared his insights on how to probe the innovation path by utilizing cutting-edge technologies, resources, experiences from all over the world. Collaboration and learning from each other will drive local industries and overseas resources joining bi-literal innovation. Meanwhile, the power of market will degrade the constraints of technology transfer, so as to ensure the innovative technologies shared worldwide under the protection of Intellectual Property. 


During the discussion, Mr. Zhang Guobao pointed out that high-tech incubation has huge market potential. However, it might face bottleneck on financial support and business development. The governments need to support innovative startups on their industrialization process, and to make sure that firms play roles of main bodies in the market, and hence to leverage the technologies in order to motivate the growth of economy as well as to drive its sustainability. 


Mr. Qiu Baoxing emphasized four opportunities that CFLD’s model of incubation cluster converged, which concluded as the re-convergence of manpower by urbanization, marketing growth of aging of population, leverage from “made in China” to “innovated in China”, and mobility of talents.  


Hu Zhenyu said: CFLD Capital is playing the crucial role of global resource consolidated platform for our company, seeking for the cutting-edge technology, incubating the innovative projects. In the further, CFLD Capital will become the emerging bridge for US-Sino technology transnational cooperation, to bring innovation spirit, innovation mechanism and more startups to China, as a successful model to drive the industrial upgrading in China.


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