Silk-road Planning Research Center
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Silk-road Planning Research Center

Silk-road Planning Research Center (henceforth S-PRC) is a professional think tank which serves the Belt and Road Initiative (henceforth B&R) and is affiliated to the general office of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). S-PRC is led by Mr. Chen Yuan, vice-chairman of the CPPCC, and founded by China Development Bank, Tsinghua University, Silk Road Fund, China Association for the Promotion of Development Financing, and China Finance 40 Forum.
S-PRC is devoted to strategic research, policy proposals, personnel cultivation, media guidance and public communication. The functions of S-PRC include but not limited to:

? Decision-making support

S-PRC conducts long-term follow-up studies and systematic research on the critical issues and difficulties in the implementation of the     B&R, and studies status quo of the society and public opinions, so as to provide professional analyses and suggestions in reference for     decision-making.

? Collaborative planning and promotion

S-PRC structurally carries out regional, industrial, and financing planning, centering major, urgent,   and crucial issues while implementing the B&R. In the meantime, S-PRC establishes international planning system, which integrates national   and cross-national planning, for the developmental strategies of the governments and the enterprises.

? Global communication

S-PRC commits itself to build a platform for domestic and international professionals by means of academic research,     project cooperation, program discussion, expert exchanges, etc..

? Planning specialists cultivation

S-PRC persists in field research and literature study, and building a team specialized in the B&R.
S-PRC aims at integrating various aspects of intelligence resources, strengthening multi-sectorial and interdisciplinary cooperation, conducting comprehensive, prospective and long-term planning research, building a platform for the B&R research and communication, as well as improving the quality and effectiveness of planning cooperation in order to serve the B&R.

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