BFA Media Club 2014 Summer Outing to be held on Jun 20
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BFA Media Club 2014 Summer Outing to be held on Jun 20

Dear club members:

Another season of grasses and flowers ushers in the first anniversary of our media club. This time last year, we, about 40 friends from over 20 media, enterprises, and institutions had our first club outing to the Jingbei Canyon, a journey remaining fresh in our memory till today.

With the green summer approaching, let us again return to the Mother Nature, hand in hand, forgetting our differences in profession, age, and sex, but enjoying the warmth of sunshine, the vastness of nature, and the power of the love of our team.  

Destination: Located in the mountainous area to the north of Mentougou, Beijing, the Yongding River Canyon is the extension of Mount Taihang. Traversed by the Fengsha Railway, it is a famous grand canyon of Beijing. It is known for the sheer rocky cliffs on both sides and the beautiful lake lying on the bottom, which makes it a tranquil and wonderful holiday resort. In fact, it has been hailed as the “Little Lijiang River in the North” and the “Small Three Gorges in the Mount Taihang.”

Time: June 20 to 21, 2014 (Friday and Saturday)
Number of participants: up to 50
Registration deadline: June 16 or when the quota is full
Contact us: +86-10-65057377X618
Special thanks to Hony Capital.



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