BFA Convenes Media Club for 2015 Autumn Cultural Gathering
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BFA Convenes Media Club for 2015 Autumn Cultural Gathering

On October 17, 2015, with the support of China Radio International and Bu’er Zen Teahouse, the BFA brought together its Media Club for a spiritual experience of Chinese traditional art and culture.  

“Enjoy the best days of spring and autumn and what a pleasure to have old friends visiting on a rainy and windy day,” moderator Mi Yaniu quoted an ancient Chinese saying in his magnetic voice to open the cultural gathering.

The event began with Liu Weixu playing a solo Erhu (spike fiddle) piece, Moon Night, and Shangguan Xiaoxuan playing a piece of Guqin music titled Wild Geese Descending on the Sandbank, which immediately made the participants forget the smoggy weather they had been through.  

The fragrance of Rougui tea served by the waitresses dressed in pure white also helped the participants fight off the fatigue from their trips.

The tea service was followed by a brief silence, which was broken by a piece of morin khuur (known as a horsehead fiddle in China) music performed by Zhang Quansheng. It was a perfect accompaniment to Daiqing Tana’s songs, bringing the audience into the depth of Mongolian steppe.

The gathering reached its climax when Lei Diansheng shared experiences from his legendary walk across China. In 10 years, he alone walked 81,000 km, more than twice the length of the equator. His trek around the country has refreshed his understanding and perspectives of life.

The finale of the gathering is the recitation of the Heart Sutra by Zen Master Yuanzheng, which immersed the participants in the fundamental emptiness of all phenomena known through the five aggregates of human existence: form, feeling, volitions, perceptions and consciousness.

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