BFA Convenes its Media Club for 2016 Winter Cultural Gathering
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BFA Convenes its Media Club for 2016 Winter Cultural Gathering

On December 17, 2016, the BFA brought together its Media Club for a cultural gathering at the Bu’er Zen Teahouse, where participants enjoyed tea and a guqin performance, while listerning to Guo Peng, an anchor of a music program at China Radio International (CRI), telling the inspiring stories of how he studied and collected materials related to guqin over the past decade.

The gathering was moderated by Hu Shan, also a famous CRI anchor.

After a 10-minute break, Teng Sizhe from the School of Music, Minzu University of China, played two pieces of Korean folk music with a gayageum, also known as kayagum. Legend has it that the gayageum was modeled on the Chinese guzheng.

After the gayageum performance, CRI anchor Yi Cheng and Tongzhou Radio anchor Zhang Yang respectively recited a poem—Climbing a Solitary Islet in the River (Deng Jiangzhong Guyu) by Xie Lingyun (385-433) and Prophecy (Yuyan) by He Qifang (1912-1977).

The finale of the gathering was a horsehead fiddle performance by Wang Lili from Minzu University of China.  

Guo Peng’s sharing of his guqin stories was the central component of this event. Guo Peng is a bilingual music anchor, whose trendy and timeless music program has attracted a large following among the youth. He devoted much of his spare time to the study of guqin over the past 10 years. Now he has become an expert and nationally recognized collector of guqin. His first encounter with guqin happened in 1999 and since 2006, he has decided to collect the audio and video records of guqin of the past century. To date, he has collected more than 10,000 pieces of recorded guqin music. Most importantly, through his interviews with dozens of leading guqin players as well as their family members and students, he has collected hundreds of pieces of guqin music that had never been published before—an accomplishment that caused a stir among the guqin community. In 2016, the National Publishing Foundation provided a grant to finance Guo Peng’s Selected Works of Modern Prominent Guqin Masters, which is to be published late this year. The publication will include 100,000-character academic writings as well as 645 pieces of recorded guqin music by 78 late masters along with 8 hours of video images of 17 guqin players.

His two-hour sharing of guqin masters’ anecdotes, insightful observations and comparative comments, together with the presentation of those valuable audio and video recordings, took the participants on an immersive journey of guqin’s evolution over the last century.

The BFA deeply appreciates the support provided by the Bu’er Zen Teahouse and China Radio International.

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