VIVA Mobile Media
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VIVA Mobile Media

VIVA New Media(Beijing VIVAME Information Technology Co., Ltd.), found in 2007, is a new leading media company and most influential digital reading platform.

We are in possession of VIVA Changdu, Magazine Collection and Books as main products among which the key product VIVA Changdu has been used in the system of all mainstream intelligent mobile phones and panel computers as the hottest individualized reading client; for now it has been developed from one platform containing over 300 mainstream magazines to an individualized one with recommendation in accordance with users’ reading activities and all kinds of information contents included. By the end of the first half of 2014, the quantity of active users of VIVA Changdu has come up to 30,000,000 each month. With the help of the innovation in product technology, VIVA Changdu has totally change the advertising form on traditional mobile phone media and become the preferred partner for wireless new media cooperation in all kinds of industries. Our core business is to help you in your communicating media contents already published on digital publication platform of mobile phone finally with a completely-new reading experience of video, audio as well as picture and text.

VIVA enjoys the most powerful digital media distribution channel of mobile operator in the same industry.

For now, VIVA is not only the exclusive operating partner of Magazine Channel of Reading Base, China Mobile and the close cooperative partner of China Unicom and China Telecom, but also the promoter of domestic largest magazine paid reading, that’s to say we enjoy the most powerful digital media distribution channel in the same industry.

As a core application, wireless reading has driven the rapid development of wireless internet. Wireless reading has been recognized as the breakthrough of the following business including operator, content provider as well as hardware platform provider and etc. With the help of its innovation in product technology and deep adjustment in strategic resource, VIVA has become one of the most representative and advanced enterprises in the field of wireless reading. Owing to its compatibility with main terminals of mobile phone market, VIVA can support all kinds of mobile phone operating system (such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows phone and etc.). For now, client software has covered mainstream intelligent operating system and a long-term cooperation with several famous enterprises at home and abroad has been reached with terminal companies such as Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, OPPO, Coolpad, ZTE, Huawei, Sharp, TCL as well as LG and etc. According to incomplete statistics, VIVA Changdu will be installed in over 350 types of mobile phones. It is available in almost 40 mobile phone manufacturers, application stores of operators and 60 application stores of market type. VIVA content can also be shown wonderfully on panel computers of PAD type.  

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