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Global Times

We are responsible to report the whole world

Global Times is one of the largest and most influential news papers in China and belongs to the People’s Daily Group. In April 2009 Global Times launched its first English language edition news paper, one of two national newspapers in China published in English. Both the Chinese and the English editions comprise mainly national and international news.

Authoritative Contents

As China’s most authoritative newspaper in international news, Global Times has more than 500 special correspondents in over 150 countries and regions, providing  the most authoritative and timely news for readers all over the world and truly showing the changing world.

Tremendous Impacts

Issuing 2.4 million copies day; ranking among China’s newspapers with the largest circulation.

Largest circulation on the plane

China’s newspaper with the largest circulation on the plane, 200,000 copies per day, covering over 300 routes of 14 domestic and foreign airlines

GLOBAL TIMES (English) is one of the two Chinese national English-language newspapers, founded in April 2009. (English) was opened at the same time.

From the perspective of Chinese society, Global Times reports valuable news in China and all over the world.

GLOBAL TIMES is a comprehensive daily, mainly for foreigners living in China and Chinese elites with good English reading ability.

Global Times English-edition was launched on April 20, 2009. The Global Times ambitions to be more than a simple news source, it seeks to introduce a dynamic, complex and changing China to the world, vividly and accurately. It aims to be an observatory from which China, and all issues within it, can be studied and analyzed. As China now enters the glare of the global spotlight, the Global Times guides this international audience through the country’s fast-growing economy and ever-changing society. The Global Times targets Chinese and foreign readers alike, reaching across national boundaries to present issues from every perspective. Not a mere news-gathering tool, the newspaper also regularly invites opinion pieces from key leaders in China and worldwide, to further reinforce its depth of content. The newspaper has rapidly changed the country’s media landscape.




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