Economic Daily
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Economic Daily

Founded in 1983, Economic Daily is a leading state-owned newspaper that focuses on economic and financial news. It provides an unrivaled platform for the central government to  guide the country's economic work and for citizens to participate in economic and cultural development of China. Considered  a first choice for the majority of enterprises to obtain macroeconomic information, it also serves as a window for international community to get to know the latest developments about the Chinese economy. As a national mainstream media, Economic Daily shoulders an irreplaceable responsibility and mission in promulgating Chinese government's economic policies, serving the economic and social development and meeting the information needs of the readers. Deng Xiaoping, Chief Architect of China's Reform and Opening up, inscribed the title of Economic Daily personally in 1984.

The newspaper is run based on the fundamental principles of  "news, characteristics, depth and service", it always highlights economic news reporting as its main focus, while enhancing service-oriented awareness. It publishes actively  major national policies and decisions, new progress of China's economic and social developments and new experiences of citizens in promoting China's Reform and Opening up and modernization drive. It vigorously promotes innovation in such areas as institutional mechanism, content and format,  ways and means.. In the meantime, it constantly strengthens its capacity to project influence and enhance traction.  It spares no effort in accelerating its pace of  transformation from a traditional media outlet to a modern and multi-platform  one, that features “high end and authoritativeness, a media leader domestically, and a renowned player globally”.

Guided by the principle of "mainstream, authority and credibility", Economic Daily publishes many in-depth analytical reports every year read widely both within the country and beyond, and has got accolades and appreciation from all walks of life. Economic Daily exerts its due role on promoting reform and opening up policy and China's modernization drive. On January 1 2010, as the pilot national media outlet, Economic Daily has adjusted and improved its news gathering and editing system as well as the content and the operational model of the newspaper. On January 1 2013, a new look of Economic Daily with new format, content and style made its first appearance, with series of in-depth reports, weeklies and columns on regular basis with more characteristics and commentaries.

In June 1998, Economic Daily has established the Economic Daily Media Group. With years' development, the Economic Daily Media Group now consists of 9 newspapers, 5 magazines, 2 publishing houses, 1 leading news website, 1 printing house, 6 unaffiliated journals and other related institutes. It has set up China Economic Media Group Corporation and developed an all-round media development strategy. It is now developing itself into  a large-scale modern media group.

Economic Daily has established close ties with central government agencies,, ministries, offices and bureaus. It has also 42 local correspondent offices or branches throughout China and 24 foreign bureaus around the world. It has built strong ties with more than 100 well-known media groups and economic organizations globally, and is playing an increasingly bigger role in promoting the economic exchanges between China and other countries and regions.

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