Boao Forum for Asia fought Seattle sustainable development of energy resources focus
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China news agency, Seattle, September 5 (Reporter Wang Huan) – The Asia-Pacific region and the world at the same time, sustainable economic development, energy resources are faced with various problems of climate change, urbanization, public health and environmental protection aspects. Admits to build a platform for face to face dialogue, the two-day Boao Forum for Asia, Energy, Resources and Sustainable Development Conference held in Seattle, Washington, United States 5. About 400 elite from various sectors were invited to participate, including business leaders, government policy makers, professionals, media managers and experts from other fields, work together to find solutions to issues related to.
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Energy and resources is one of the key areas of Boao Forum for Asia Long-term concern. Energy, resources, sustainable development conference had been held in the Iranian capital Tehran, Perth, Australia. The Seattle meeting was the third forum organized symposia in the field outside of China, but also the Boao Forum for Asia held its first thematic conferences in North America.
BFA president, former Japanese Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda at the opening ceremony said, This is the first time we organize thematic conferences in North America, but also in Asia to global expansion efforts forum Boao Seattle is hosting this conference the best held, not only from Asia because of its close geographically, economically and culturally, but also because of Washington State and Seattle on sustainable development and we have a consensus.
Boao Forum in promoting Asian economic integration plays an important role. Zhou Wenzhong BFA Secretary-General noted, The United States and the European Union agree that the Boao is a window into the Asian market and the starting point. Hope everyone admits this exchange, and achieved fruitful achievement.
Related topics around, meeting diverse set agenda, including nine sub-forum, three field future vision Entrepreneurs speech, two heavyweight guests dialogue, two luncheons, seminars and visits.
Compared with the previous Energy, Resources and Sustainable Development Conference, the meeting for the first time health, inclusive growth and human development into scope, which means the Boao Forum as a platform for economic and political class, began to focus on public health and public health issues such as human, social and livelihood areas.
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Former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, Washington State Gov. Jay Insley, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation founder Bill Gates, former United States Ambassador to China Gary Locke, Chairman of the UN Panel on Climate Change Pa Joe, the president of the Korea International Trade Association, former Prime Minister Han Duck-soo, former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Chairman of the National Committee of the Committee of Experts Energy China Zhang, former Chinese Vice Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Qiu and other guests attended the meeting and delivered a speech.
About 350 political, business, academic representatives as of now, there were from the United States and other parts of Asia from the confirmed participants, while more than 40 Chinese and foreign media to go to Seattle for meeting coverage. (End)

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