Zhou Wenzhong: What kind of a new international relation does the world need?
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With a theme of “Global Sustainable Development --- New Routes after 2015,” the “Fourth Global Think Tank Summit” sponsored by China Center for International Economic Exchanges was held at China World Hotel Beijing from June 26 to 27. China.com.cn covered the entire summit. Zhou Wenzhong, BFA secretary general and former Chinese ambassador to the US, gave a keynote speech at the summit.

Zhou said that current international system and order were built with the UN as the core after the world anti-fascist war 70 years ago. Based on the aim and principles of the UN, such system and order have kept world peace and stability for 70 years, during which, the development cause of mankind has made unprecedented progress.

However, we should also take note that the aim, principles, and spirit of the UN Charter have not been fully observed. Violations of the charter occur from time to time and cases of unequal and unfair international relation still exist. What kind of an international relation should we develop so that the aim, principles, and spirit of the UN Charter can be further abided by? What we need is a new international relation centering on win-win cooperation.

Politically speaking, such an international relation requires partnership instead of alliance and dialog instead of confrontation. Chinese President Xi Jinping once said that partnership can be based on comradeship as well as agreement on disagreement. Therefore, I think we should seek a new international relation that sets no imaginary enemy and regards no third country as adversary.

Economically speaking, we should seek joint development. According to the UN millennium program, the population in extreme poverty has dropped by half during the past 15 years. However, over one billion people still live below the extreme poverty line. Poverty alleviation remains an arduous task worldwide. In this sense, the “one belt and one road” proposal by China aims to develop the infrastructure and major projects concerning people’s livelihood in the over 60 countries along the belt and road. It allows these countries to help each other and work together to further improve the life of the people in the region.

In security, we should seek common security. We should discard the cold war mindset and develop a security concept pursuing cooperation security, comprehensive security, and common security.

In civilization, we should develop an accommodating and compromising civilization. There are more than 200 countries and 2,500 nationalities in the world. Each civilization is the common wealth and treasure for the mankind as a whole. We should accommodate each other, make compromise to each other, and learn from each other.

If we fulfill the aforesaid tasks in politics, economy, civilization, and security or work towards this direction, the new international relation centering on win-win cooperation may be materialized.


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