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Born in Helsingborg, Sweden in 1943. Earned a Master of Science from the Institute of Technology, Lund, Sweden.
Chairman of the Board of AB Electrolux from 2004 to 2007. Before joining Electrolux in 1997 as Chief Executive Officer, Michael Treschow was President and Chief Executive Officer of Atlas Copco AB. During his 22-year career with the company, Michael Treschow spent three years in the United States as Area Manager. Prior to that, while working for AB Bahco, he spent one year in France setting up Bahco Ventilation’s French operation.
Michael Treschow has previously held non-executive roles with Investor AB, Atlas Copco AB, SKF AB, Saab AB and Parker-Hannifin Corp and was Chairman of the Swedish Confederation of Enterprise between 2004-2007.




Awarded the King’s Medal of the Twelfth Dimension with the Ribbon of the Order of the Seraphims for excellent efforts in Swedish trade issues. Has also been awarded Spanish, French and Belgian orders for strengthening the trade relations between Sweden and these countries.









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