ZHOU Wenzhong attends the launch ceremony of A Colorful Guizhou-Colorful Guizhou Series of Internet Cultural Events
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On the afternoon of October 15, 2014, Boao Forum for Asia Secretary-General ZHOU Wenzhong attended the launch ceremony of A Colorful Guizhou-Colorful Guizhou Series of Internet Cultural Events and delivered a speech.

Thanks to the development of the Asia-Pacific region and emerging economies including China in the past decade, Boao Forum for Asia has evolved into the most important economic forum in the Asia-Pacific region, ZHOU said. The forum would like to provide better platforms for transnational exchanges, especially cooperation among emerging economies in the region, ZHOU added.

The cooperation between Boao Forum for Asia and Guizhou province has been fruitful, ZHOU said. For example, Boao Review, Boao Forum’s official publication cofounded by the forum and Guiyang Daily Media Group in June 2012, has developed into a high-end international economic review journal, he said. With a globe-oriented communication platform, the magazine is playing an increasingly important role in such aspects as providing service to think-tanks and spreading viewpoints.

Speaking of the Colorful Guizhou Series of Internet Cultural Events, ZHOU Wenzhong pointed out that many regions in Asia have worked on or are working on image reconstruction against the backdrop of big data. Telling a good story about Guizhou is not only a regional topic but also a reflection of China’s rise, ZHOU said. What has happened in Guizhou epitomizes not only China’s significant changes over the past years but also the economic development of East Asia, ZHOU added.

China has a long history that features miscellaneous regional cultures, ZHOU said. It is the basic requirement of human development to maintain the uniqueness of regional cultures, respect their differences and seek common ground, he said. In the context of globalized cultural exchanges, only those who pay more attention to their cultural heritages and improve ways to express themselves can win a place in the fierce image competition nowadays, ZHOU said. Flourishing and rich cultures could significantly boost the economic development, he added.

A colorful Guizhou has a bright future, and Guizhou is welcome to get more involved in improving the Boao Forum for Asia, ZHOU said.

At the launch ceremony, ZHOU Wenzhong, together with ZHANG Guangzhi, a standing member of CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee and minister of CPC Guizhou Provincial Publicity Department, and JIANG Jun, director of Internet News and Information Dissemination Bureau of the Cyberspace Administration of China, jointly filled color sand that symbolizes Guizhou into a container, marking the official launch of the events.

The launch ceremony of A Colorful Guizhou-Colorful Guizhou Series of Internet Cultural Events was supervised by the Cyberspace Administration of China and the CPC Guizhou Provincial Publicity Department, sponsored by the Cyberspace Administration of Guizhou Province, and organized by Boao Review and A Colorful Guizhou website (www.gog.cn). The events are aimed to promote online publicity of China Dream through Internet thinking, introduce the stories, voices and strength of Guizhou to the world, and break new ground in publicizing Guizhou online.

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