Secretary General Zhou Wenzhong Gives Lecture at Sichuan University
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On the afternoon of May 3, 2017, Secretary General Zhou Wenzhong gave a lecture at Jinjiang College, Sichuan University, during which he shared his insights on major issues in international affairs and walked participants through China's diplomatic accomplishments and priorities in 2017.

According to Zhou, today's world is characterized by a mixed economic landscape, growing security challenges, intensifying populism as well as the continuous “rise of the east and the decline of the west”. Such a situation is also compounded by a shaky foundation for the world economy and increasingly intense issues, escalating regional conflicts and constant terrorist attacks, which has not only added uncertainty to international politics and security, but also posed enormous challenges to China's diplomacy.

He pointed out that Chinese diplomats have demonstrated great initiative and ownership in safeguarding China's interests in strategic areas such as sovereignty, national security and development, having achieved one milestone after another in China's diplomacy.

He said that 2017 is a strategic transitional year for China, which is committed to building a peaceful external environment for development while contributing to world peace and progress despite complicated international dynamics. Under the leadership of the CPC Central Committee with President Xi Jinping as the core, China is also committed to improving services, enhancing strategy coordination, strengthening strategy execution, maintaining the favorable strategic momentum and expanding win-win cooperation, thereby creating a favorable environment for the success of 19thCPC National Congress.

Zhou concluded his lecture by pointing out that each and every Chinese is a participant of China's new diplomacy journey and expecting them to recognize their duties towards society, the nation and the world, so the growth of individuals will be aligned with the progress of the nation, society and the times.

In the Q&A session, Zhou also gave patient and insightful answers to the questions posed by the faculty and students.

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