Secretary General Zhou Wenzhong Gives Lecture at Chengdu University of Technology
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On the afternoon of May 4, 2017, Secretary General Zhou Wenzhong gave a lecture on the subject of “International Affairs and China’s Diplomacy” at Chengdu University of Technology.  

In its transition to a new international economic, financial and political order, according to Zhou, the world has found it increasingly difficult to sustain the old post-war order and rules, while the new ones are still in the making. Such a situation is also compounded by a shaky foundation for the world economy and increasingly intense issues, escalating regional conflicts and constant terrorist attacks, which has not only added uncertainty to international politics and security, but also posed enormous challenges to China's diplomacy.

He also pointed out that China's diplomatic efforts have helped shape a favorable external environment for China's reform and socio-economic development. Despite the challenging global situation, Chinese diplomats have demonstrated great initiative and ownership in safeguarding China’s interests in strategic areas such as sovereignty, national security and development.

In the Q&A session, Zhou also shared his insights on major issues such as the crisis on the Korean Peninsula, Sino-US and Sino-Russian relations.

This lecture was co-organized by the Organization Department of the CPC Committee and the School of Marxism, Chengdu University of Technology and the Charhar Institute.

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