Secretary General ZHOU Wenzhong attended the Third Round of China-Japan CEOs and Former Senior Officials’ Dialogue
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On Dec 4th and 5th, 2017, the China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE) and the Japanese Economic Federation (Keidanren) held  the Third Round of China-Japan CEOs and Former Senior Officials’ Dialogue in Tokyo, Japan. Over 80 well-known Chinese and Japanese entrepreneurs attended the dialogue. Secretary General ZHOU Wenzhong was invited to attend the Dialogue and spoke at the “Third Party Market Cooperation” session.

ZHOU pointed out that China and Japan are the main economies of the world, and that bilateral economic cooperation presents an opportunity for both sides. During their recent meeting with Japanese entrepreneurs, Chinese leaders stated that China is willing to cooperate with other countries including Japan to carry out third-party cooperation. If China and Japan can cooperate in the third party market, they will be able to combine China's advantages in productivity and capital with Japan's advantages in advanced technology to meet developing countries' demand for infrastructure development, which has a great prospect. He suggested that the Japanese entrepreneurs should, on the basis of the important consensus reached by leaders of the two countries, start the third party cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative as soon as possible. ZHOU said at the same time that since the Trump administration implemented a "Priority USA" policy, how it will pursue a new relationship of non-conflict, non-confrontation, mutual respect and win-win cooperation with China remains to be seen. Against this background, we hope that Japanese political and business circles will objectively and rationally respond to the adjustment of USA's Asia-Pacific policy and make choices in its own interests so as to avoid adverse impact on the Sino-Japanese third party cooperation.

During the Dialogue, ZHOU reported to Yasuo FUKUDA, Chairman of the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) and ZENG Peiyan, BFA Vice Chairman, on the preparation for the BFA Annual Conference 2018. ZHOU also communicated respectively with the Chinese and the Japanese entrepreneurs. He expressed appreciation for the business circles of both sides for their long-term support of the BFA development, and invited entrepreneurs to attend the BFA Annual Conference 2018 to be held on 8-11 April next year.

Yasuo FUKUDA, former Prime Minister of Japan and BFA Chairman and ZENG Peiyan, CCIEE Chairman and BFA Vice Chairman, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony on the morning of Dec. 5th. Shinzo ABE, Prime Minister of Japan, Taro KAWANO, Foreign Minister of Japan and Junhiro NIKAI, Secretary General of Japan's Liberal Democratic Party attended and addressed the welcome reception on December 4th.

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