Boao Forum for Asia Holds the Event of “Meeting the BFA New Leadership” in Beijing
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On the evening of May 14, 2018, the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) held the "Meeting the New Leadership of the Boao Forum for Asia" at Beijing Hotel. BFA Chairman BAN Ki-moon, Vice Chairman ZHOU Xiaochuan and Secretary-General LI Baodong attended the meeting as well as delivered keynote speeches. More than 300 people including the diplomatic envoys from the BFA initial countries, BFA Advisors BFA Members, BFA Partners, experts, scholars and media friends were invited to the event. This is the first time that the leadership of the BFA officially meet with its Members after the new Board of Directors of the BFA was elected in April this year.

In his speech, BAN Ki-moon stressed that the Boao Forum for Asia, as the principal platform for Asia and emerging economies, has positioned itself clearly and prominently. Taking the entrepreneurs as the main body and featuring the government - business dialogues as the characteristics, BFA , as compared to the United Nations and other intergovernmental organizations, has a unique and valid value and role in promoting peace and development in Asia and the world.. Based in Asia and oriented to the world, the Forum has made remarkable achievements through the joint efforts of the previous Boards of Directors and its Members. In today's world characterized by uncertainties in the global economy and rising anti-globalization and protectionism, BFA should make its stance in support of globalization and free trade and adopt the firm attitude of openness and progress.

ZHOU Xiaochuan stated that structural reforms and opening up to the outside world are two fundamental issues facing both Asia and the world. President XI Jinping delivered an important speech at the opening ceremony of the BFA Annual Conference 2018 in the capacity as the leader of the host country, beating the drum for economic globalization by China's determination and practical measures for deepening reform and opening wider to the world. This is an encouraging sign. Based on the mission of Asian economic integration, Boao Forum for Asia shall contribute to Asia's structural reforms and opening up to the outside world.

LI Baodong said that the BFA Annual Conference focusing on economic topics is the basis, core competitiveness, and the top brand of the Forum, and must be developed and expanded. As new technologies, new trends, new problems, and new challenges emerge, the Forum needs to keep at the forefront of the times, become a trailblazer, and actively participate in discussions and formulation of rules. In the future, while maintaining the characteristics as an economic forum, BFA will expand its scope in five new areas of intelligence, health, culture, education, and media. It is hoped that the BFA members could actively participate in the Forum's new initiatives and new attempts.

Before the meeting, the leadership of the BFA held private meeting with BFA Partners & Members and some diplomatic envoys.

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