Li Baodong: “three trans” the unique strengths of Boao Forum for Asia
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The press conference on the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) Annual Conference 2019 was held in Beijing on 16th January. In response to a question, Li Baodong, Secretary General of the BFA said the Boao Forum for Asia has unique strengths of “three trans-”.

Li said that there are many high-end dialogue platforms in the world at present. These platforms have their own worth and have played a good role in promoting world peace and development. As a nongovernmental and nonprofit international platform, the BFA has three characteristics and advantages in addition to its high level:

One is transcultural. Since its inception, the BFA with a focus on Asia and a global perspective has increasingly become an important bridge for dialogue between East and West. The Forum adheres to the principle of open and inclusive that underpinned the conference reflecting the diversity of Asian and world cultures.

Second is transdisciplinary. The forum not only sticks to the tradition which has focused and in-depth discussed on economic, financial, trade, energy and other issues; but also keeps pace with the times broadening the horizons to innovation, health, culture, education, media and other fields. These areas reflect the extension and expansion of traditional economic connotations, and some are at the forefront of global development.

Third is trans sectoral. Regardless of the discussion in which areas, we are able to bring together the wisdom of leaders from governments, enterprises, think tanks, media, etc., especially to provide a high-end platform for dialogue and cooperation between government and business. Despite the challenges and uncertainties in Asia and global development, the BFA is committed to promoting the positive aspects of the various sectors and concentrating the positive energy of common development.

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