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Thursday, April 10

  Guests Arriving in Boao Download
  BFA Board of Directors Meeting Download
  Welcome Dinner for BFA Members and Sponsors Download

Friday, April 11

  BFA Golf Invitational 2008 Download
  BFA AC 2008 Press Conference Download
  Young Leaders Roundtable Download
  General Meeting of BFA Members Download
  Mengniu Welcome Reception Dinner Download
  Evonik Reception for VIPs Download
  Real Estate Dialogue: Economists VS Developers Download
  Asia in the Next 10 Years: From a Media's Perspective Download
  Merrill Lynch Jazz Night Cocktail Party Download

Friday, April 12

  Green Energy: Public-Private Partnership Download
  Telecommunications: Sustaining Growth and Sustainable Development Download
  Financial Reform and Innovation: Risks and Opportunities Download
  Green Asia: A shift in Responsibility from CSR to SRI? Download(1)  Download(2) Download(3)
  Luncheon Session:Sustainable Development from the Hong Kong Perspective Download
  Opening Plenary Download(1)  Download(2)
  BFA AC2008 Cultural Performance & Fireworks Download

Friday, April 13

  Plenary:Climate Change: Change Business, Change Us Download(1)  Download(2)
  Retrospect and Prospects : 30 Years of China's Reform and
Opening to the Outside World
Download(1)  Download(2)
  The Future of Internet– Web 3.0?
  Luncheon Session: Sub-prime Crisis and Impact on the World Economy Download
  Competing in a Global Marketplace Download(1)  Download(2)
  Prospect of Taiwan Economy and Cross-Straits Economic Cooperation and Trade Download(1)  Download(2)
  Closing Plenary: Sustainable Development, Sustainable Partnerships: Towards a Win-Win Future Download(1)  Download(2)
Download(3) Download(4)
  Press Conference Download

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