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Thursday, April 15

  BOD and GMM meeting  

Thursday, April 16

  BFA Board of Directors Meeting  
  General Meeting of BFA Members  

Friday, April 17

  BFA “New Fortune Cup” Golf Invitational 2009  
  Shanghai General Motors Official Vehicle Handover Ceremony  
  Young Leaders Roundtable:Leadership In a Time of Crisis  
  China’s Real Estate Market  
  Volvo Ocean Race Theme Cocktail  
  FMG Cocktail  
  Kazakhstan Cocktail  
  Opening of the Boao Asian Contemporary Art Exhibition  
  How the Markets Can Drive Asia’s Recovery  
  Bank of America and Merrill Lynch Welcome Reception  
  BFA AC 2008 Press Conference  

Friday, April 18

  Imagine-Asia: Tapping into Asia’s Creative-Industry Potential  
  Another Winter for Internet? – Driving Growth Through Innovation  
  Boao Asian Contemporary Art Salon  
  Opening Plenary: “Asia – Managing Beyond Crisis”  
  Luncheon hosted by Hainan Provincial Government  
  Reform the International Financial System: the Role of Emerging Markets  
  Doha Round: Leading out of Crisis  
  Balancing Financial Innovation, Openness and Oversight  
  SME Strategies: Attracting Talent, Securing Financing & Achieving Growth  
  Deloitte Cleantech Soiree: A Cleantech Future and the Future of Cleantech  
  Boao Salon: Social Entrepreneurship  

Friday, April 19

  Price Fluctuations and Emerging Market Strategies  
  Managing in Periods of Volatility  
  Private Equity & Venture Capital: Opportunities in Emerging Markets  
  Best Practice of Doing Business in Emerging Markets  
  Luncheon Session: Time for a Green New Deal?  
  TV Forum: The China Factor in the New Globalized Era  
  International Financial Crisis and Cross-Straits Financial Cooperation  
  Financial Crisis and International Tourism  
  Boao TV Debate: The Next Competitive Edge of Asia  

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