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Service Information
                 We wish you an enjoyable stay in Boao

r Please turn off your mobile phones and other electronic devices or change them to polite mode during conferences and banquets.

r Smoking is prohibited at conferences venues.

1. Arrival and Registration
Upon arrival at Haikou Meilan Airport, please proceed to BFA AC 2006 Reception Centre located at the ground floor of airport lobby for registration. Please present your identification documents or the “Confirmation Letter” issued by the Secretariat of Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) to the Reception Centre. The reception staff will assist you in obtaining conference badges and other information and you will be safely transported to your hotels.

Hours of the Airport Reception Desk
Apr. 19—24 07:00-24:00
Tel: (86-898)6576 0395/0898

Delegates and journalists, arriving without complete documents, will be taken to the temporary Badge Office for registration and badges in the Peilan staff dormitory, located near the Peilan Bridge of Dongyu Island, Boao.

2. Hotels
You will be staying in one of the following hotels at this annual conference:
Sofitel Boao Hotel Tel:(86-898)6296 6888
Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel Tel: (86-898)6277 8888
Boao Kempinski Hotel Tel:(86-898)6277 5555
Jinjiang Hot Spring Hotel Tel:(86-898)6277 8588

Upon arrival at the hotels, delegates are requested to register at the reception desk for accommodation. The BFA Secretariat will place the conference handbook and other materials in your hotel rooms.

3. Information Center
Information Centers will provide delegates with services including on-site inquiries on conference programs, transportation arrangement, lost-and-found information and tour arrangements and etc.
Hours: Apr. 20—Apr. 24 07:00-24:00
The Information Center H.Q. is located at the lobby of Sofitel Hotel.
Tel:(86-898)6269 3700
(86-898)6296 6888 ext. 7716

Information Centers are also located in all hotels as follows:
1) Lobby of Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel
Tel:(86-898)6277 4587
(86-898) 6277 8888 ext. 1500
2) General Reception, Boao Kempinski Hotel
Tel:(86-898)6277 5002
(86-898)6277 5555 ext. Front Desk
3) Lobby of Jinjiang Hot Spring Hotel
Tel:(86-898)6277 4592/9167
( 86-898) 6277 8588 ext. 8111

4. BFA AC 2006 Secretariat
The BFA AC 2006 Secretariat will provide all necessary information related to the conference and deal with all financial arrangement including air ticket reimbursement. In addition, it will be responsible for distribution of conference documents, speech transcripts, biographies of speakers and information about conference sponsors. (To support environmental protection efforts, BFA AC 2006 will endeavor to reduce the production of documents. Only limited quantity of documents will be circulated at the conference venue and delegates can get access to all documents at in Internet Cafés located in the first floor of International Convention Centre.) You can also obtain documents at the Documentary Room of BFA AC 2006 Secretariat.
BFA AC 2006 Secretariat is located beside the corridor in the first floor connecting the Softiel Hotel and the International Convention Centre.

Hours: Apr. 16— 24 08:00-24:00
Tel: (86-898)6296 6588 13707539922 13707539933
(86-898)6296 6888 ext. 7012/13/26/27
Fax: (86-898) 6296 6688

5. Badges
Badges should be worn at all times during conference activities and related events. No one will be given access to the conference venue without conference badge. It is also required for meals and shuttle services. Information of lost and damaged badges must be immediately reported to the Conference Information Center.

6. Dress Code
Business attire is required for all meetings and banquets.
BFA T-Shirts or other casual attire is suggested for outdoor activities and tours as well as outdoor dinners.

7. Meals and Banquets
Breakfast: Delegates will have their breakfast at their hotels. Breakfast is included in the room rate.

Lunch: Apr. 22 and 23,luncheon sessions will be held at BFA Main Hall, Level 2, BFA International Convention Centre and served meal will be provided for all delegates. Non-delegates, accompanying persons, spouses, journalists and other working staff can have lunch at all restaurants of hotels at their own expenses.

Apr. 21--BFA invites all delegates and their spouses to the Welcome Cocktail and Welcome Dinner at BFA Mail Hall, Level 2, BFA International Convention Centre.
Apr. 22—Boao Forum for Asia Charity Party and Fireworks at Swimming Pool Area, Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel is open to all delegates, spouses, journalists and staffs of sponsors.
Apr. 23--Reception hosted by Qionghai Municipal Government at River Ranch Restaurant, Sofitel Hotel is open to all delegates, spouses and journalists.

8. Working Languages of the Conference
Simultaneous interpretation will be available in Chinese (channel 1) and English (channel 2) during all sessions.

9. Press Center and Press Office
Press Centre:
Location: Galaxy Club, 1st floor of Sofitel Hotel
Tel: (86-898) 6296 6888/7361
Fax:(86-898) 6269 3701
Press Office:
Location: Club, Boao Kempinski Hotel
Tel: (86-898) 6277 5555 ext. 111/112
(86-898) 6277 5020/5021
Fax: (86-898) 6277 5022
Hours: Apr. 20 12:00—20:00
Apr. 21—Apr. 23 08:00—22:00
Apr. 24 08:00—12:00
If journalists want to request interviews with delegates, please send your application forms to Press Center or Press Office where staffs will help you arrange interviews.

10. Transportation
Transportation will be arranged for all delegates, journalists between airport and hotels. Shuttle buses will be provided for delegates, journalists, and staffs between hotels and the International Convention Centre and for all conference events that need transportation. Shuttle schedules will be posted on the transportation notice board in hotel lobbies. Badges are requested for using the shuttle services.
Transportation services can also be obtained from hotels for private purposes by contacting hotel reception desk or concierge.

Please refer to the “Shuttle Lines” in “Venue/Map”.
l Shuttle lines:
Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel – Boao Kempinski Hotel – Sofitel Hotel –Boao Kempinski Hotel-- Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel
l Schedule:
Apr. 21 15:00-22:30 hours every 30 minutes
Apr. 22 08:00-22:40 hours every 10 - 15 minutes
Apr. 23 08:00-22:40 hours every 10--15 minutes
Apr. 24 Please notice your lobby message board
l Reminder:
Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel is the start and terminal of the shuttle lines. The shuttles buses will depart according to the schedule, so please wait 2 minutes ahead of schedule. 2 minutes’ stop will be taken at Boao Kempinski Hotel and Sofitel Hotel. The frequency of 10 – 15 minutes will be determined by the event schedule.

11. Courier Services
UPS will provide complimentary courier services for all delegates to any destination, up to 4kg per delegate. The service is available during conference hours at the UPS Booth located at the east entrance of the lobby of Sofitel Hotel. Please bring along your delegate badge.
For more information about this or other shipping services, please visit the UPS Booth during conference hours.

12. Internet Café
Lenovo Group will set up Internet Cafés in the BFA International Convention Center for delegates to get access to internet where they can visit official website of BFA and view conference documents. The Internet Cafés will be located at west lobby of 1st floor of the International Convention Centre.

13. Internet Access in Hotels
Internet Access is provided in the rooms of Sofitel Hotel, Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel and some rooms of Jinjiang Hot Spring Hotel. Please contact the reception centres of hotels for details.
Wireless access is available in Boao Kempinski Hotel. Delegates may consult the hotels regarding the usage of this service.
Wireless access is available at BFA International Convention Center and its vicinities. Participants may purchase wireless Internet cards at hotel business center.

14. Ticket Service
Delegates and journalists who need to purchase air tickets, change itinerary or confirm return flights should contact the business center of following hotels:
Business Center, Sofitel Hotel
Hours: 08:30-23:00
Tel: (86-898)6296 6000
(86-898)6296 6888 ext. 7218
Business Center, Gold Coast Hot Spring Hotel
Hours: 08:30-23:00
Tel: (86-898)6277 8888 ext. 3620/3637

15. Telephone
The area code of Hainan Province is 898. Domestic and international long distance services are available in all hotel rooms, but deposits are required (to be paid at hotel reception desk) to use such services.
Prepaid SIM cards for mobile phones (GSM and CDMA) are sold at the business center of each hotel. (only cash in Chinese currency (RMB) is accepted).

16. Departure Time for the Airport
The hotels are located at 1.5 hours’ drive from Haikou Meilan International Airport. Please check out at the hotel three hours prior to your flights departure time. Information about transport to the airport is also provided on the notice board at the Information Center.

17. Weather
Boao has a tropical climate. The temperature during the time of the Conference is within the comfortable range between 25 Celsius and 35 Celsius.

18. Currency
The local currency is the Chinese Renminbi ( RMB or ¥). The Chinese RMB is pegged to the US dollar at a rate about US$1=RMB 8.1. The exchange rates are decided depending on exchange rate of that day issued by the Peoples’ Bank of China. Currency and travellers’ cheques can be converted into RMB in the hotels. Credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted by all hotels.

19. Voltage
The voltage in China is 220v. Sockets in the hotel rooms are of 2-phase and 3-phase (MY-2204) types.

A Brief Introduction to Hainan Province

Located at the southernmost tip of China, Hainan Province comprises the island of Hainan and its adjacent islets. It covers an area of 35,300 square kilometers with a population of 8.25 million. Haikou is the capital city. With a tropical and maritime monsoon climate, Hainan has an annual temperature of 22℃ to 26℃ with an annual precipitation of 1,500 to 2,000mm. In 2005, the province’s GDP stood at RMB 90.3 billion Yuan, and per capita GDP of 10,995 Yuan.
Hainan, one of the three major home provinces of overseas Chinese, is positioned at the center of the Asia-Pacific economic rim with major international marine routes in the South China Sea. Hainan has a coastline of 1,528 kilometers with 68 natural harbors. The province is endowed with an abundance of natural resources and more than 55.5 percent of the island is covered with forestry. Hainan is one of the most biologically diverse regions in China and is a major producer and exporter of tropical fruits, cash-crops and off-season vegetables. Hainan also has a considerable number of fisheries, with a reserve of 67 kinds of mineral, rich oil and natural gas resources. A network of natural gas pipelines is underway. Hainan is also rich in water resources and has six large reservoirs.
Hainan Province’s beautiful natural landscape has made it one of China’s seven most popular tourism destinations. Designated as China’s first ecological demonstration province in 1999, Hainan has six national forest reserves and 66 natural preservation zones, with a percentage of public greenery that exceeds the national average. Haikou was named the “National Model City of Environmental Protection” and Sanya the “Top Tourism City of China” as well as the “National Garden City.” In 2005, Hainan was visited by more than 15 million tourists.
Hainan Province has a well-developed ground, maritime and air transportation system. With a highway system that circles the entire island as its base, Hainan’s network of roadways totals more than 21 thousand kilometers. In addition to traversing by ship, Hainan is connected to the mainland by the Yuehai Railroad. Hainan has 23 deep water berths for ships at and above 10,000 tons with an annual cargo throughput of 43 million tons. There are two international airports on the island, Haikou Meilan and Sanya Phoenix International Airport: The former has become one of the eight largest air terminals in China.
Hainan’s intercultural exchanges with other nations are on the rise: To date, it has established sisterhood relations with 14 foreign provinces and states as well as with 12 foreign cities.

About Boao
Located on the east coast of Qionghai City, Hainan Province, Boao is centered at a latitude of 19.3o north and a longitude of 110.5o east. Facing the South China Sea on the east, Boao lies 17km to the east of Qionghai City’s Jiaji Town, 105km to the south of the provincial capital, Haikou City, and 200km to the north of the famous resort Sanya City.
Renowned for its beautiful scenery, Boao is situated on the estuary of the famous Wanquan River. Here the Wanquan, Jiuqu and Longgun rivers converge into the South China Sea and are met by three islands: Dongyu, Shapo and Yuanyang. The harmonious synthesis of the sea with the city’s rivers, lakes, mountains, islands, coconut forests, fields, sandy beaches and hot water springs provides us with a wondrous landscape of miraculous proportions .

Since the inauguration of the Boao Forum for Asia in February 2001, this spectacular land was chosen as the permanent headquarters for the famous international organization—Boao Forum for Asia. The annual conference of BFA is a platform for international and Asian political leaders, businessmen and academic scholars, to communicate and seek cooperation for the common good and development of Asian countries.

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