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 Service Hotline: 96300

    We wish you an enjoyable stay in Boao

    1. Arrival and Registration

    Upon arrival at Haikou Meilan Airport, please proceed to BFA AC 2004 Reception Centre located at the ground floor of airport lobby for registration. Please present your identification documents or the"Confirmation Letter" issued by the Secretariat of Boao Forum for Asia BFA to the Reception Centre. The reception staff will assist you in obtaining conference badges and other information and you will be safely transported to your hotels. 

    Hours of the Airport Reception Desk

    April 21-April 27  07:00-24:00

    Tel:(86-898)6576 0231

    Delegates and journalists, arriving without complete documents, will be taken to the temporary Badge Office for registration and badges in Delegates in the Peilan staff dormitory, located near the Peilan Bridge of Dongyu Island, Boao, for registration, and badge issuance. 

    2. Hotels

    You will be staying in one of the following hotels at this annual conference:

    Sofitel Boao          Tel:(86-898)6296 6888

    Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel      Tel:(86-898)6277 8888

    Canal Village        Tel:(86-898)6277 5555

    Jinjiang Hot Spring Hotel    Tel:(86-898)6277 8588

    Upon arrival at the hotels, delegates are requested to register at the reception desk for accommodation. The BFA Secretariat will place the conference handbook and other materials in your hotel rooms.

    3. Information Center

    Information Center will provide you with on-site information, lost badge replacement, lost-and-found information and tour arrangements.

    Services Hotline: 96300

    Hours: Apr. 21-Apr. 26   07:00-24:00

    The Information Center H.Q. is located in the lobby of Sofitel.

    Tel:(86-898)6296 6261

    (86-898)6296 6888  Ext. 7207

    Information Centers are also located in all hotels as follows:

    Lobby of Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel

    Tel:(86-898)62778319(86-898)62778888  Ext. 1500

    General Reception, Canal Village(Level 1, Villa 701)

    Tel:(86-898)6277 5175

    (86-898)6277 5555 ext Front Desk

    Lobby of Jinjiang Hot Spring Hotel

    Tel:(86-898)6277 8263/ 6277 9164/ or 6277 8588 ext. 8108

    4.  AC 2004 Secretariat

    The Secretariat will provide all necessary information related to the conference, make reimbursements. In addition, it will be responsible for issuance of conference documents, speech transcripts, biographies of BFA members and information about conference sponsors.It is located next to the Executive Office of Sofitel Home, Level 1, BFA International Conference Center.

    Hours of operation: April 20-April 26   07:00-24:00

    Tel:(86-898)6296 6071/2/3/4/6

    (86-898)6296 6888 Ext. 7009 

    Fax:  (86-898)  6296 6075

    5. Badges

    Badges should be worn at all times during conference activities and related events. No one will be given access to the conference venue without conference badge. It is also required for meals and shuttle services. Information of lost and damaged badges must be immediately reported to the Conference Information Center.

    6. Dress Code

    Business attire is required for all meetings and banquets.Casual attire is suggested for outdoor activities or tours as well as informal dinner outside of the hotels.

    7. Meals and Banquets

    Delegates will have their breakfast at their hotels. Breakfast is included in the room rate.

    April 24 and 25, lunch will be provided for delegates at Le Mistral and Asiana Restaurant of Sofitel. Non-delegates, accompanying persons, spouses and other working staff shall be served lunch at Symposium Restaurant at their own expenses.

    April 23, Boao Forum for Asia invites all formal delegates to the Welcome Dinner hosted by the People's Government of Hainan Province, invitation required.

    April 24, the Night of Boao and Asian Culture Performance and Fireworks is open to all delegates and journalists. Invitation required. April 25, the Night of Wanquan River: Reception given by Qiong Hai Government is open to all delegates and journalists.

    8. Luncheon Sessions

    The Luncheon Session will be provided with simultaneous interpretation. Given the limited space in the restaurant, the Luncheon Sessions will be conducted on a first-come-first-serve basis. All other delegates will be provided complimentary lunch in Asiana Restaurant and Le Mistral Restaurant located in the first floor of Sofitel.

    9. Working Languages of the Conference 

    Simultaneous interpretation will be available during the plenary sessions on Apr. 24 and Apr 25 in the following languages: Chinese(channel 1),English(channel 2), Japanese(channel 3), and Korean(channel 6). Simultaneous interpretation will be available in Chinese(channel 1) and English(channel 2) during all other sessions on Apr 24 and 25 afternoon.

    10. Media Center

    Location:    Villa#708, Canal Village

    Hours of operation:   

    Apr. 22           12:00-20:00      

    Apr 23-Apr 25   08:00-22:00      

    Apr 26           08:00--12:00

    Tel:(86-898) 6277 7482/ 6277 5100/6277 5101/6277 5175 Or(86-898) 6277 7555 ext.111/112/113/114/115

    If journalist would like to conduct an interview with delegates, please send your application form to media center, Media Center will arrange for you and inform you.

    11. Transportation

    Transportation will be arranged for all delegates between airport and hotels. Shuttle buses will be provided for delegates between hotels and ICC and for all other conference events. Schedules will be posted on the transportation notice board in hotel lobbies. Transportation for private purposes can be obtained at extra charge from the hotel by contacting hotel reception desk or concierge.

    Please refer to the"Shuttle Lines" in"Venue/Map".

    Line 1: Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel-- Jinjiang Hot Spring Hotel-- Canal Village- Sofitel-- Canal Village-- Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel

    Line 2: Gold Hibiscus Holiday Village-- HNA Resort- Daqing Hotel-- Canal Village- Sofitel-- Canal Village- Daqing Hotel-- HNA Resort-- Gold Hibiscus Holiday Village

    Schedule:  Apr. 22   15:00-22:00 hours   every 30 minutes

    Apr. 23   08:00-22:00 hours   every 15 minutes

    Apr. 24   06:40-22:40 hours   every 10--15 minutes

    Apr. 25    06:40-22:40 hours   every 10--15 minutes

    Apr. 26    Please notice your lobby message board For further information please contact the Information Center.

    12.  Ticket Service

    Delegates and journalists who need to purchase air tickets, change itinerary or confirm return trips should contact the business center of following hotels: Business Center, SofitelHours:    08:00-23:00Tel:   (86-898)6296 6000(86-898)6296 6888 Ext. 7218 Business Center, Gold Coast Hot Spring HotelHours:  08:00-22:30Tel:   (86-898)6277 8888 Ext. 60

    13. Express Delivery Service

    UPS will provide complimentary shipping to any destination of up to 10kg per delegate. The service is available during conference hours at the UPS Booth located at the corridor between Sofitel Hotel and BFA ICC on the Second Floor. Please bring along your delegate pass.  For more information about this or other shipping services, please visit the UPS Booth during conference hours.

    14. Internet Access Services

    Internet Access is provided in the rooms of Sofitel, Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel.Wireless is available in Canal Village. Delegates may consult the hotels regarding the usage of this service.

    Wireless Internet access is available at BFA ICC and its vicinities. Participants may purchase wireless Internet cards at hotel business center.

    15. Telephone

    The area code for Hainan Province of China is 0898. Domestic and international long distance services are available in all hotel rooms, but deposits are required(to be paid at hotel reception desk) to use such services.Prepaid SIM cards for mobile phones(GSM and CDMA) are sold at the business center of each hotel as well as Media Center(only cash in Chinese currency(RMB) is accepted).

    16. Post-Conference Tour Activities(expenses covered by delegates)

    The Host of the Conference has arranged the following tour plan for the delegates:

    1) Tour of Boao:  Boao- Jade Belt Beach-- Boao

    2) One-Day Tour:      a) Boao- Haikou- Boao      b) Boao- Xinglong- Boao      c) Boao- Sanya- Boao

    3) Two-day Tour:  Boao- Sanya-- Haikou

    4) Three-day Tour:  Boao- Xinglong- Sanya- Haikou

    For more information can be obtained at the Information Center in Sofitel, Boao.2 Tel:(86-898)6296 6262, the Information Center is located at Sofitel Lobby.

    17. Time for Departure for the Airport

    The hotels are located at 1.5 hours' drive from Haikou Meilan International Airport. Please check out at the hotel three hours prior to departure. Information about return flights is also published on the notice board at the Information Center.

    18. Weather

    Boao has a subtropical climate. The temperature during the time of the conference is within the comfortable range between 25 celsius and 35 celsius.

    19.  Currency

    The local currency is the Chinese RMB. The Chinese RMB is pegged to the US dollar at a rate of US$1=RMB 8.2. The exchange rates are decided depending on exchange rate of that day issued by the Peoples' Bank of China. Currency and travellers' cheques can be converted into RMB in the hotels. Credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted in all hotels.

    20. Voltage

    The voltage in China is 220v. Sockets in the hotel rooms are of 2-phase and 3-phase(MY-2204) types.

    21. Airport Tax

    Airport tax of 50 yuan is charged to all passengers traveling by Chinese domestic flights and 90 yuan to those by international flights. You will not be allowed to board a plane without the payment of airport tax. Please have cash ready before departure. Children under the age of 12 are not required to pay the tax.

    21. General Information about Hainan Province

    Hainan, the second largest island of China, is often compared to a pearl inlaid among the blue waves of the South China Sea. The spectacular view, the tropical climate, the famous spas and the rich ethnic life combine to make the island an attractive travel destination.   The proximity of Hainan, an island at the southernmost end of mainland China, to Hong Kong, Macao and Southeast Asia, makes the province the most convenient route to the Asia and Pacific region.The total area of the island of Hainan is 3.39 million acres, of which 1.214 million is covered with forest. The coastline of the island is 1528 km long. The entire province has tropical weather. The average temperature here is between 22 and 26 Celsius. It is a region full of sunshine and no frost or snow all year round, with a total annual sunshine time between 1750 and 2650 hours, and a total rainfall between 1500- 2000 mm a year. With a total population of 8 million, Hainan is also the largest special economic zone of China. The province is the beneficiary of many favourable policies and preferential treatments from the central government. It also enjoys exclusive legislative rights.In addition, the Province of Hainan is blessed with rich energy resources and well-developed infrastructure in transportation and telecommunication. The island has two international airports and five open sea ports; its different parts are connected by a network of highways. These combine to make the transportation here safe, comfortable and efficient. 

    22. About Boao

    Boao is located near the east coast of Qionghai, Hainan island. To its east is the South China Sea, and 17 km to its west is Jiaji Town of Qionghai. Boao lies 105 km from Haikou and 200 km from Sanya. Boao is situated on the delta of the famous Wanquan river and is known for the beautiful scenery. Here Wanquan, Jiuqu and Longgun rivers converge in their flow into the South Sea. The three islands- Dongyu, Shapo and Yuanyang-- at the point of their convergence constitute, along with the rivers, sea, lakes and mountains, a scene of almost unearthly beauty.This beautiful place is chosen as the permanent Head Quarters of the international organization- Boao Forum for Asia. The forum was founded in this town in the February of 2001. Each year, scholars, political leaders and business tycoons from all parts of Asia and other parts of the world come here to chart the course of development of the Asian economy, and to discuss possible cooperation amongst themselves and the world. In April 2003, BFA International Convention Center, bearing Mr. Jiang Zemin's inscription, was added to this beautiful place.  Boao, a place known for its wondrous natural beauty, is fast gaining its importance as the international center for conferences and conventions of highest order.

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