Side Events

Mini-Naadam (Register in advance for all interested participants)

Time: 2:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m., August 19th

Location: Chingis Khaanii Khuree Camp (Located in Bogd Khan Mountain National Park, 25 kilometers west of Ulaanbaatar city center)

Dress Code:Business Casual(Waterproof and sand proof footwear recommended




  1. 1、Opening Remarks
  2. 2、Horse fiddle music, Mongolian traditional folk song
  3. 3、1st round of wrestling
  4. 4、Entertainment session Mongolian traditional dance
  5. 5、2nd round of wrestling
  6. 6、Entertainment session Contortionist gymnastic performance
  7. 7、3rd round of wrestling
  8. 8、Entertainment session Traditional throat singing (band)
  9. 9、Archery
  10. 10、Free time
  11. 11、Beginning of the horse racing  
  12. 12、3rd round of wrestling
  13. 13、Horses coming up to the finish line
  14. 14、Closing ceremony


Mongolian Enterprise Visit (Register in advance for all interested participants)

Gobi Corporation

Time:  08:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m., August 21st

Location: Industrial St. (6 kilometers west of city center)

Dress Code: Business Casual

Transportation: Bus


Enterprise Information:

Gobi Corporation has been manufacturing luxurious cashmere garments for 38 years, with pride in quality and design. Gobi was government-owned for 30 years and started operating under private owners in July of 2007 when government-owned stocks were sold. Gobi’s ability to provide great service and quality for customers allowed it to become one of the five biggest cashmere producers in the world, all known for their production and unforgettable uniqueness in design. The company’s manufacturing process starts from processing raw materials to the finished garments by going through all the necessary steps, made possible by its 2,100 proficient employees.



08:30   Departure from Shangri-La hotel lobby

09:15    Greetings at the showroom

             Ms. Ariunaa, Chief Sales Officer, Gobi Corporation

             Mr. Bolor, Overseas Sales Manager, Gobi Corporation

09:35   Factory tour          

10:15   Shopping at the Factory store

10:45   Departure from the Gobi Corporation

11:30   Arrival at the Shangri-La Hotel