About Seattle

Greater Seattle is a commercial, cultural and advanced technology hub of the U.S. Pacific Northwest and a major port city for trans-Pacific travel and trade.

Greater Seattle excels at the industries of the future – the region is a center of innovation and features some of the world’s top global brands. Our aerospace industry is one of the largest in the world, home to Boeing Commercial Airplanes and over 800 aerospace firms that employ 17% of all aerospace workers in the United States. Seattle is also a leading center for information and communications technology, bolstered by industry pioneers such as Microsoft, Amazon, Expedia and 3,000 other ICT companies. As a result our region has emerged as a world leader in cloud computing and virtualization, and ranks 4th as a global startup hub ahead of New York and Boston. Greater Seattle thrives in clean technology, boasting the world’s largest hydro-electric system and ranking #1 among U.S. states towards energy efficiency efforts. In addition, Seattle is among the top-five largest life science clusters in the United States, has a $10 billion healthcare and research industry, and the nation’s largest maritime and fisheries sector. 

The Seattle region has a very open business environment that welcomes new investment from abroad, with one of the most business-friendly tax climates in the country. The closest city on the U.S. mainland to Asia, Seattle is home to a thriving Asian-American business community, supported by effective government institutions and a focus on sustainable economic vitality.

Like no other American city, Seattle offers nature and culture side by side. For its abundance of trees, Seattle is called the Emerald City and Washington the Evergreen State. Vistas of nearby snow-capped peaks and deep blue water surround Seattle — with the massive profile of Mt. Rainier looming to the south. An hour from downtown, you can hike to one of a thousand alpine lakes, or skiing world-class runs that wind through ancient forests…or escape on a ferryboat to a remote island spa where eagles soar silently overhead. 
Along with its natural beauty are world-class education systems, vibrant neighborhoods, and a lively arts and cultural scene, making Seattle one of the best cities in the world for quality of life.
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