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Founded in 2001, the BFA Academy is the intellectual arm of BFA. Its functions include the following:

1. To identify the theme and sub-topics for the annual conference;

2. To develop and provide economic forecasting on issues consistent with the goals and policies of BFA;

3. To provide intellectual resources for BFA conferences, seminars, and workshops;

4. To provide human resource development programs for members and other partners of BFA;

5. To establish a virtual network and a clearinghouse for other research and training institutes in Asia and elsewhere.

Each year, the BFA Academy publishes 4 flagship reports, including the Annual Report on Asian Economic Integration, the Annual Report on Asian Competitiveness, the Annual Report on Emerging Economies, and the Asian Financial Report.

The BFA Academy compiles and issues the Boao Journal to members of the Boao Family – a monthly update on BFA news, people and views.

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