BFA Institute releasing Annual Report 2006
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A framework report, covering both aspects of trade (trade-in-goods and trade-in-services) and investment, will be released at the forthcoming BFA Annual Conference 2006 in April. Focus is given to the smaller economies status, particularly of East Asia, including measures for helping them in the process. In addition, some analysis is also carried out on the effect upon small countries as a result of post-MFA impact. Textiles and telecommunication sectors have been singled out to understand the issues clearly on trade in goods and services. The report reveals that the investment climate, and measures taken by the government to ensure sound investment climate, plays an important role in attracting FDI. Emerging Asia has attracted growing shares of global FDI.


This report will be distributed to delegates during AC2006. It is a product of continued and close collaboration between the Institute of Boao Forum for Asia and the World Bank. Major part of funding for the report came from ASEM Trust Fund project run by the Institute of BFA.


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